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Meat Head

This is probably day 6 of the excruciating headache.  These affect my entire body.  I have not washed dishes since Thxgiving.  Lately, every day gets a little closer to feeling better - but not there yet.  So, I had to cancel my latest plan to do the long trek.  Again.  Tomorrow will be possible weather-wise.  I wanted to do F&F today, before the sale on cashews ended.  Too late.  I noticed that F&F offers free shipping for a limmitted time, for $50+ orders.  I spent time figuring out what I wanted for $50, which made me ill again.  Plus, F&F keeps stopping me because it tells me I might be a bot.  Later, I decided I would just order the cashews, and walnuts, and pick them up at the store, possibly tomorrow.  Must.  Save.  Money.  So, I should do that ASAP...

Speaking of internet issues..  The reason why my bank charged me interest on my credit card was this: Even though I had entered a new automatic monthly payment of $53, their software only took a payment of $50 last month.  (That inadequacy made me a target for an interest charge).  This is probably because they have been changing their website a little.  Once again, not my fault.  What ever happened to the America I used to know?

For instance..  I have been paying off a loan, for years, at $50 per month.  i was only required to pay $25 a month but I insisted on $50/month.  And then, when a brief interruption occurred, they began docking it from my SS check, as if I was some kind of miscreant).  Well, I started making much larger payments this year, so I could end it all before the end of the year, and so avoid another $65 processing fee, for 2020.  My final payment was on November 1, for $50.  What do you know - they docked me again at the beginning of this month, even though I was all paid up.  Now they owe me $50.  So, I don't know how long they will draw this out, but probably long enough to charge me the $65 I was trying to avoid!

And, because I put the large payment on my credit card, that is why my credit card interest payments are so high, (other than the glitch in the bank's software).

Well..  F&F will not let me use it's website, because I am a bot.  So, fuck it.  Computers were supposed to make life easier, but they make my CFS worse, they spy on me, they mess with me, they lie to me and don't they turn my brown eyes blue?

Hey, speaking of botherances..  A long-time LJ friend dropped me.  She once told me she didn't expect me not to eat meat, even though she was a vegetarian.  But, that is apparently the only issue in her life.  So, alas, after I posted about feeding my dog and myself turkey replete with bones, she dropped me.  Now, look at this.  I have no family.  I can tolerate no friends.  I am in bed most of the time.  It is a mission impossible to not go nuts or off myself.  In America, there is this holiday that comes around called Thanksgiving, and all the rest of the country eats turkey, basically.  My dog has no life, and so he delights in this time of year!  finally, it is the landlord who drops off a turkey every year.  So, what?  We are to be deprived of one small sliver of cheer, when all the human race would never have come to be were it not for meat?  I live on fucking sunflower seeds!

It is not hypocrisy for a disadvantaged person to have turkey and eat healthy, while being vegetarian for the most part, and advocating animal rights.  Wolves are animals and they eat meat!  Insects eat meat!  Fish!  There is more hypocrisy in pretending tolerance and forgiveness - while never making posts and comments, year after year - and then dropping someone out of disdain.  Don't you think I have seen enough of that crap in my life?  High-and-mighty abstractionists, out to control the planet with the thoughts in their heads.  Creepy, predatory, carnivorous hypocrites.

Thank you.  Thank you very much.  lol
Tags: can't win for losing, holidays - thanksgiving, hypocrisy / hypocrites, my computer problems, my lj friends / cuts, my rants

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