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Get a jump on the holiday pinash and pizzaz, 4 shizzle.

Where is a good place to park your creativity, so it gets commented on, and not lost forever?  Just a place to dump your art, writing, pictures, poems - anything creative - without judgment.  Well,  psychtraveller suggested I let you know about her new community, creativitystick.  I joined, because why not?  And, really, anything can go there.  I would even post a dream there, if I felt it was creative.  So, I think everyone should join.  Yay!  Please help her grow something meaningful and fun!

While we are at it, here is a community of mine which needs to be more active and social: neo_da_da.  It's just mainly about art and absurdity in the modern age.  Of, how about green_tea_party, speaking of absurdity.  Available to anyone who likes green tea.  Whereas, if you like wine, then you could join wine_freaks!  Or, if you believe in partying in a scientific way, then help grow the community, mad_science_pub!

Finally: Now is the time to celebrate the holidays.  But so should every day.  Be.  Every day should be Christmas.  In a truly Christian world, every day IS Christmas.  So, make a point to join: christmas_365.  Send cards, make merry, sing like small animals, eat bread pudding, and snort peppermint shnops, all year long, even in July, if you are in Northern hemisphere.  Those down South, well, you can celebrate when it's very cold, just like you should be doing in the first place.  Happy Holidays!

What are shnops?
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