I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

In my definition.. Beh duh beh... My definition... Beh duh beh...

'Never put off today what you can undo tomorrow.'

"Spinnovator" - A spinnovator is someone who, on the surface, seems to be an original, creative genius, when upon closer inspection, this person is actually a versatile imitator.  A second-rate change-agent.  One who spins change to make it look as if it were his/her own.  Some examples: Danger Mouse; David Bowie; Daphne deMonier.  Apparently, this sort of person's first name often begins with the letter, 'D'.  Another one is Bill Gates, who's name defies that rule.  Consider, also, Lenny Kravitz.  Or Robert Cray.  Or the Chinese inventors of the myriad of spin-off of the drug, Fentanyl.  These are not, in fact, inventors, but spinventors.  And their so-called, 'inventions', should best be referred to as, 'spinventions'.  Needless to say, a great many politicians are spinnovators, many of whom have first names beginning with the letter, 'D'.

"Ethospere" - The Ethosphere* is a kind of Noosphere of civilisation, which holds the habits, mores, empathy, trust, and better strivings of all, and groups, in memory, available to be tapped by individual or group intuitions.  It is a psychic holding pattern, making available means and manners which may otherwise not be available through common evolutionary mechanics, seeing as the latter so often eat their own tails, whirl around pointlessly, and burn themselves out in the dirt, achieving nothing resembling progress or humanity in any way that is presently evident - and which normally can be proved to be counterproductive over the long term, or, as we often know these mechanics, as dysfunctional relationships, pointless cursing and swearing, gossip, or foot fetishes.

* - Not related to Ethisphere Foundation, Ethishere Magazine, or ethnic food.
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