"a killing field for hypotheses" (madman101) wrote,
"a killing field for hypotheses"

Familiar Freaks.

I posted about a cat about two days ago.  My dog KNEW it was out there, and sure enough, it was.  When my dog saw it, he charged at it, of course.  So, it darted across the quiet hwy.

Today I came home from the library, and there it was, dead in the middle of the hwy.  Maybe it was nutsy the other day, because it sensed its poor existence would soon be perished.  Beings often act strangely the days or hours before their demise.

As I was walking home, (before this), I passed through a parking lot, and merged with a woman and her lively kids.  The woman said, "Excuse us."  I said, "I suddenly have a family!"  Only the older little girl gave a little laugh.

Maybe I am one of those beings.
Tags: death - / dying / mortality, my jokes

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