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I am the person who will destroy China.

Everything Is Now.

It was too cold, wet and windy yesterday, and so I decided not to walk to Penny's for those 3 stock pot ($9 TL)(!)  Besides, my legs were low energy due to previous trek, and my arms were low energy from previously chopping up bushes.  So, I applied myself to seeing if I could order online.  I had such trouble with my internuter, forever and ever, that I decided maybe I would try ordering via phone.  After a while, my growing headache made me disinterested.  So it goes.  It's usually better to save money, anyway.

Watched first part of, "Pride & Prejudice," w/ Colin Firth, (who looks like nucleoside's son.  Maybe he's an ancestor).  Elizabeth Bennett here is much more vulnerable and soft than Keira Knightly's superhero, rapid-fire character.  (That version clearly borrowed from this 1995 version, though).  And Darcy seemed more attracted to her sex, as opposed to him being attracted to her personality in the other version, (which was wut, somewhere around 2009 or something?)  (Knightly is the better actress, however).  The 1995 version is more real-life, more connectable to the American west, eg., at that period, rather than with the French revolution, e.g.  More believable.  And it brings out the little hidden messages, jokes and satire that Austin intended.  The later version, though, is more entertaining, imo.

I am required to go a la biblioteque tomorrow, which I should manage fine.  Must return/pick-up.  I have been experiencing a slight bit of CFS 'dementia' due to the calories from all the food, as per usual.  However, I am so much better this year than I was at the same time last year.  Last year, I was under the throes of finasteride withdrawal, (and suffered some long term consequences as well.  There is a class-action on that, but I am not sure I will pursue it, for unstated reasons).  Anyway, it is possible that I might buy wine, maybe not.  It is overdue for thxgvng.  But I was insulted last time I went to that store.  I never did post about that day.  Maybe later.  You don't care.

I had a great dream last night.  part of the dream was me, (after throwing books into the river for homeless people to read), setting a firecracker, in a shoe or bottle, on a railing.  I didn't know if it would go off or not.  I waited a few seconds, wondering.  Sure enough, it did.  Well, what was happening in real life was that the idiot downstairs was making another loud BANG on the wall or ceiling, thinking me asleep.  But, my dream put me in control of the situation.  My dream allowed me to predict the attack.  And my dream gave me insulation.  Right?  I never woke up.  But I know it was him, because this happens constantly.  I don't know how anyone can go through a full lifetime and never grow out of such mental illness.

Anyway, my dog was happy today, and so, when we came inside, he bounded up the stairs, and then romped around in the living room, as I innocently closed the door downstairs.  And this is something the crazy man downstairs really hates.  But, many times, nature is serendipitous to me.  Why take revenge when there is justice to be found in the universe.  We all die, in this way or that.  And so, it does not take much effort for nature to tip the scales to the favour of this or that good, natural person.  Well, I will say at least, the odds of this natural fortuity, they are slightly better than 50/50, if not overwhelming all the time.

How do dreams predict the future?  I have written on this subject before.  Science tells us that this phenomenon is, like the experience of deja vous, a temporal misfiring of the brain.  That can happen.  It would be like when a schizophrenic utters words but the brain mistakes those words as being externally generated.  These things do happen.  But, there is also the parallel view that some kind of reality or spirit may also be exercised during such mechanical disturbances.  Note the whole obsession, around the turn of the century, where people tried to contact dead people - spirits - by manipulating electricity, a real, basically 'mechanical' force.

And, so, who is to say that feelings of alienation occurring from the temporal love do not also convey some kind of real experience, right?  Who is to say that the 'god part of the brain' does not convey some manner of god to whomever believes.  I don't see why humanity needs so much to be locked into one definition of things, rather than in alternate, paradoxical potentialities, as is the nature of the quantum realm.  So, we have atheists versus theocrats, dems versus republicans, so on, and on, and the whole concept of diversity or multiculturalism - it never seems to get too far, does it, because it is managed by a lot of pig heads.  This way or that.

But, dreams may be predictive, even beyond this 'compatibility' argument.  It mainly has to do with how the mind decontructs the arrow of time, and quantum chaos takes a better charge, during sleep.  So, when we dream, we regress back into the psychic dynamism which, as I have said, is more common in 'lower-order' animals, plants, bacteria, etc.  Like a quantum computer, we run many scenarios all at once, and so reality can meet up with one of these scenaria, esp. when we awaken.  because of the logical nature of memory, we then look back on only that one path which now connects to reality.  The further along we get in awakening, back onto our single timeline or waveform, then the less easy it becomes to remember our dreams.  because they are now in a backwards wake.  When we rise, we lose that wake.

It has been shown that the heart, even during awakeness, can predict a shock by 3-5 seconds.  That maybe be called psychic, predictive.  It is.  The heart is a chaotic organ, always finding the best time-line to construct from randomness, and so it operates similarly to dreams in this sense.  Dreams into reality.  Reality into dreams.  It is a little more than some clock-like machine.  Same goes for the brain.  Just because the locus of romantic love or attachment is detected in the brain, does not mean there are no reality in these emotions, or drives.  Just because there is fate all over evolution, does not mean there is also will.  What animal does not WILL to escape a predator?  And, many of them detect that predator even before its smell of vision enters their senses.

The other morning, est. 4:am, I stepped outside with my dog, and he was very pensive, trepidatious.  Looking.   Nothing was to be seen.  But, after we rounded the corner of the house, away in the distance was a poised cat.  That's when the reality hit.  The chase was on.  Really, my dog's behaviour occurred so much sooner than any scent could have reached him.  But I do not know, as the dog's nose is like 60,000x more sensitive than our own.  But, the point is, that along the margins, "psychic," is not entirely unreal itself - and it involves serendipity and chemicals and mechanics, as much as it involves pure psychic guesses and ghosts.  So, it's the double paradox again:

A alone.

B alone.

A and B in relationship.

Neither A or B.

Both A and B as one.

It is always the dreamers who innitiate change, and then profit, and science, and law, and force.  The inventors, artists and writers dream up ideas, and then the businessmen rush into to convert them into logical, owned, timelines, by which they become rich.  They don't really have to think much outside of the box, other than to hire those that will.  In fact, they are very linear, very goal-oriented, not unlike the great monotheistic religions that have been overlaid upon our civilisations, setting rules to follow along linear arrows of time, and promising a dream life, or nightmare, at the conclusion.  Rather schismatic.  I won't say schizophrenic, because that disorder is closer related to dreams than it is to polarising dissociations.  Ironically, those religions all sprang up around solitary dreamers, later declared to be miracle-makers, and whatnot.  A good way of keeping dreams out of popular reach.

I was a Kentucky cowboy in another life.  I rasselled up a little communion with nature, in my rustic way.  My name was sundropz, born in 2004, same as madman101.  I still dream of moving to the eastern hills of Kentucky, where cheap homes beckon me to sleep and write, lost in nature, secluded from neighbours, all of whom are genetically or temperamentally proximate to me.  Oh, to write from the porch of a forgotten country, away from WiFi microwaves, and certain never to be incinerated in the next war, watching as the bees fall.  But wait, I am living in this life already!  Today is my birthday!  I am sundropz!  And I am also madman102!  And I am so many others, like a Hindu god, waving my multiple arms about.  And I am calling to you.  Thinking of you.  Wishing you the best  From another dimension...

From a parallel world.

Everything is Now.

Everything is Different, Now.

It's just a matter of finding the right password...
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