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House of Echoes; Hall of Mirrors... Regressing Into Infinity..

A conservative is said to be a liberal - who has been mugged by someone.  (I think there are also conservatives made when their land, guns, profit, etc., has been partly, mugged or threatened by 'socialist' regulations, or mob-mongering).

A libertarian is a conservative who has not yet been mugged by a large corporation.

A liberal, these days, is simply an anti-conservative.

Which is why the Democrats NEED the Republican Party.  Pretty sad.

The electorate here consists of 1/4th Democrats, 1/4th Republicans, and ONE HALF independents.  And that is only the electorate - being only a small portion of the total population, not including pets, houseplants, bees, alligators, etc.  Therefore, when the Dems assume and intend total dominance, that means that far, far, far less than 1/4th of the population is driving the whole country.  Crazy.  And yet big tech, many Republicans, etc., all conform to this micro-minority.  As the reverse happens when the Republicans are in command.  The answer to this pathology, by American voters, is the attempt to keep the government divided all the way down.  So, what we get, 24/7, is conflictive, contradictive, partisan bitching.  Each party is all-in for winning the next election, spending all its time on raising money to that end.  Nothing serious is getting done.

Time after time, the progressives in the Democratic party, and the Liberatrian-Constitutionalists in the GOP, succumb to the pressure to paint 'the other side' as being completely opposite, wrong and evil.  So, during 2016, we watched as the defeated Sanders immediately began vilifying Trump, while Alex Jones immediately began crucifying Sanders - whereas both had come from the populist 1/2 of the country's electorate.  Here we go again.  And countries like Australia, Canada and the UK continue to be infected by this partisan fundamentalism.

Hyper-partisanship has gone hog wild in this country.  This morning, the older NPR guy interviewed an author of a book on the subject, fyi.

Deep Political Rifts Often Have Led U.S. to Transformation

It's like the abortion debate - or the immigration debate - parties make things far more polarised than the issue really is.  Because each side is invested in division.  And so Dems, or GOPpers, neither progress on these issues - they are never resolved.  They just keep getting resurrected for partisan campaigning and grandstanding.

But, not to worry.  The two parties are mainly united, behind the curtains,  by two things: Large bureaucratic inertia and geo-nepotism, also known as the Deep State; and by the actual world ELITES, or capital centralisation.  Today, that largely means China, Big Tech, and the banks.  This is the top-down control which thrives by dividing and conquering.  This is the conspiracy behind the smoke and mirrors - behind the election sham, where driving to a voting booth makes you think that you have some control.  The only way to change things is:

Vote from the grassroots up.

Dis-invest.  Boycott.  Self-sustain.

Change the political system via a constitutional amendment.

That is, unless you are satisfied sitting at the edge of the whorl, as the the (majority of people in this) country goes down the drain into 3rd world nation status.

Note: Early in the Great Depression, During the Bank Holiday, (and following FDR's ignorance of Hoover's urgencies), there was bipartisan cooperation.  This helped alleviate some economic issues, but subsequent conflicts and problems actually extended the depression, especially in 1937.  (This is a time when Stalin, Hitler and Mao were on the rise, which included population purges).

[Note, 12/2/19 - Did you see that?  Behind this incessant screen, congress has accomplished something.  Once again, the parties have come together to reauthorize the Patriot Act, including Section 215, which hands your phone calls and records over to Big Brother.  This vote was hastened by eliminating the 72-hour rule, meant to encourage discussion and, uh, actually READING the bill.  Also passed, was the related budget extension bill.  Notice how, this year, there was ZERO reports of the frightening countdown to bankruptcy, we get every other year??  No need for that, because the focus is obscenely upon the impeachment drama.  If this does not indicate a bias in the media, I don't know what does.  We are stuck believing whatever they churn out.  And, note that the budget extension is only until January - except where the Patriot Act is concerned.  THAT bill is extended into March.  Doesn't shit like this make you question what is really going on?!]
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