I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

I am grateful to my dog for eating my food.

Happy holidays, mes dudes.

I had it in my head to walk long distance to Penny's today, and then on to big box stores, w/ cab home.  penny's is selling a set of three stock pots for a total of $8.  I have a stock pot, but lost my large one during the move here.  Much better for making large batches of dog food.  And, at big box stores, there are things I still need before hunkering doon.  I have a credit check to use there.  However, I thought it would be easier to shop Penny's online - but I would have to spend $50 for the free shipping..  Debatable.  I am over-leveraged as it is.  AND - I canNOT get my computernet to bring up full Penny's pages.  I do not like the thought of being seen trekking along the hwy on Black Friday, or to contend with the onslaught of shoppers indoors.  Always embarrassing when shopping for a new bra.

The fool downstairs apparently banged on the ceiling/wall last night around 11:pm, when he thought I was sleeping.  Resented my cooking, etc., yesterday.  Old coot.  There is a 5% chance that the noise was my dog scratching, and knocking the floor - but it seemed way too loud for that.  Fortunately, I was well enough, and on the computer, with headphones on, so I don't care.  But, this morning, there was another bang around 6 or 7:am, (when he again thought I was sleeping.  Not sleeping but waving).  The stats all line up: 1 - Precipitation is coming; 2 - Holiday, and 3 - He put out his garbage for the week, which somehow makes him think he is more responsible than me.  Cannot fathom that I do not NEED to put out my recyclables less than once every two or three months now.  And my scanty trash goes into a dumpster at the gas station.  And I keep my wet garbage in a bag in my fridge of freezer.  Looks like I am way more responsible than him, but this is how asshole people always have been.  Scrooge that.

I cooked up the turkey, which turned out fine.  All time was in roaster, this time.  Last time, roaster seemed to stall the process.  IDKWTF.  GF stuffing is always a challenge, mostly keeping it loaf-like.  Best part was the walnuts.  Good idea.  Too many caraway seeds, and a little turnip made it offy.  I am thinking it would be cool to, instead of stuffing, make a kind of bread-pudding/fruitcake as stuffing instead.  Also made broccoli.  Instant potatoes+gravy today.   Dog is in heaven.  He was very bouncy outside this morning.

Besides a little left-over pizza and burritos contending for my taste buds, I made some catfish the other day, w/ mushrooms, GF macaroni, bacon-flavoured greens, peas, vin/coconut-milk, garlic, etc.  So amazingly good - I could not stop eating it.  Turned out like a Thanksgiving green bean casserole, by chance, but fishy, and much less fat.  Also similar to a tuna casserole, as I also used a little canned salmon in there.  It's shameful.  Verilly, I will be returning to pantries for the next year, just to check all this spending.  (And will have CFS to pay, aft this renewed activity.  See how I push again, as soon as I can.  I am crazy CRAZY).

Worked on a music mix last night.  Put in your request and I will make you one.  Comments will be screened.  Thank you thank you thank you donate to my PayPal.
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