I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

All we can do before the great foot falls...

Missions pretty much accomplished.  Yesterday, I cut back bushes.  Now they are the same small size.

Today, I pushed off to the vet and bought meds.  Hot girl was not there, but almost-hot girl was.  I took  a diversion down back streets, which is an area I like.  Almost rural/farm area.  So secluded.  Made my way to F&F.  All this time, I had been lugging around a giant dog bed, in an army bag.  Got a refund on that at F&F.  Got glasses fixed at jewelry place, plus a $10 refund because they are sure to fail.  Pushed on to supermarket.  Bought more than I should have, but I am stocking up.  Decided to get  a pack of GF beer, which has less alc than regular.  Enjoying now.  Took cab home.

I may post later w/ a rant on all the farcey bits.  Some odd things happened.

Had to do this before North Winds bore down on this area.  Due for 60 mph gusts tomorrow.  Weather radio says to stay downstairs and stay away from windows.  Woe.  Can't really do that.

This trip today was not what I was planning.  Instead of going to big box stores, which was a long walk in cold light rain, I did the glasses thing and doubled back to the supermarket.  The main thing is that I got the meds, and the magnesium for me, and also got rid of the dog bed - so it all worked out for now.  Ciao.
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