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Speaking of dancing at concerts...

You may not think of me this way, as I count down the 12 days of CFS, but once upon a time I was, "a real cool danca'..."  Not only in Illinois, but mostly in Madison.  We were a massive group of friends, from the restaurant, and we would go out dancing or partying every week.  On occasion, spin-off pairs or threesomes would scale buildings, go camping, or get into trouble by trespassing at the zoo in the middle of the night.  Movies - mocking cult movies - making cult movies.  Sharing art and writing.  Auditioning for bands.  Lots of concerts...

Including one or two Ladysmith Black Mambazo concerts.  They were the backing band of two, (maybe 3?), of Paul Simon albums.  Our crowd was in a large UW auditorium, but that didn't stop us from going crazy and dancing on top of our seats - where once students sat silently in catatonic study.  It was the best time of our lives.

There is a reference to these great times in Madison, by the mom, in, "Mean Girls."

At the same time all this was going on, generally, I was also in school.  (Studying, among other things, the continent of Africa).  So, that was a lot.  I came down w/  CFS for this reason, but also for other reasons.  Like, I received a concussion from a drunk driver when I was a kid.  I also was poisoned by a farm pesticide, probably RoundUp/Glyphosate.  Etc.  These days, I am largely confined to bed, trying to think straight, and complaining about the lunatic people in this neighbourhood.  Most of whom are black - especially A-Hole Guy, who keeps the hood in the doldrums, just so his ego can tower supreme.

But I am Black Irish.  I grew up alongside blacks.  I advocated for the poor, many of whom are black.  I had a black girlfriend, and I crushed on two others.  I have a deep background in soul and R&B, along with being accused of being Michael Jackson on the dance floor.  (I have also been called the fifth Beatle, Freddy Mercury, David Bowie, Adam Sandler and Steven Colbert).  I sing a mean Al Green.  All my life, I have been crazy for reggae and ska.  So.

Jealous A-hole Guy said everyone in the neighbourhood likes me - though he does his best to undo this.  So, it is not like I am anti-black now.  I am just reporting what I see.  And I no longer blame GOP economic policies so much as I now blame Democrats Identity Politics, for what is happening to blacks, especially around here.  Also gangster rap.. And pitt-bulls..  I am sure that, when I move to some white evangelical neighbourhood, I will get right on with criticising and satirizing whites, which is how I started off in life.

But, I once had a sweet black roommate from Nigeria, and she said to me, "I don't know, there is something wrong with American blacks - it is all EGO or someteeng!"  And, around here, it is true.  Many of them here, lead by A-hole Guy, feel complete license in pushing whites around for no reason, and the bleeding heart Boomers, and wiggers, just let it happen.  Which is wrong, coming from ANY group.  It was wrong for the NAZI's, it is wrong for China vis-a-vis the Muslims, it is wrong for Hong Kong police suppressing the city's citizens - as it is wrong for OUR militarised police to target blacks - and so it is wrong for blacks to act as domineering racists, as well.

No one has a monopoly on (my) soul.*

* - And this. Is one of the things. That folks around here. Like about me.
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