I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

A simple thought that occupies my mind.

So, yesterday was Day #9(?).  Almost no headache - well - when it showed up, it was more like a normal headache you humans experience.  Mostly, it was a flu day - fatigue, groggy, foggy, achy, bad thermo-reg., etc.  This is a good sign, it shows recovery.  Same for the lungs.  Sharp heart pain followed pizza from the day before.  Have been prepping myself for a long trek today - possibly.  Still have issues - tired, etc.  I'd say a 65% chance of going.  Have to lug a giant dog bed along, packed in my army bag.  Might slip that over the top of my pack.

Took dog out at 9:am, as usual.  A frozen turkey rolled away off the front of the door.  I had completely forgotten that this morning was the day the LL people would be delivering that.  But I had to sleep, anyway, so.  Good thing no one stole it.  For the first time, it is less than 13 pounds, meaning the LL no longer loves meh.  How can you love what you don't understand?  (Once upon a time, "Christian faith," was the solution to that).  After the trek, have to do bushes by Monday, and get to library by Tuesday.  Then another week of resting.

I like getting a second turkey this time of year.  I like to wait 'til the cost goes down to ~$.39/#.  That might not be possible today.  What do you bet I walk away from Menards with a shank of frozen deer instead?  Most of the meat/bones goes to the dog, just to keep him content through the winter.  When I am cooking, he likes to sniff around my table of contents.

I found a half-bag of rice bisquits, whatever they are called.  No flavour.  I just stopped eating them a number of years ago, and they were still in the cupboard.  Turns out they are basically OK, and I will breaking them up to add to the stuffing(!)  Besides the GF bread bits, I have popcorn to add, as well.  So, no worries, this year, on that.  Now, I think I might try for a little nap.  Had coffee, and that's the best time for a nap, as it turbo-charges one's ATP.

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