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Maybe the last time, I don't know. Oh no.

Day 9(?) - Impossible mission aborted..

Beginning last night, 'migraine' resumed with a vengeance.  Continued all day today, except after a micro-nap a while ago, which dislodged it somewhat, but left me groggy of brain.  Technical term is brain grog.  The good thing about this resumption is that it is a little less central-brain, and a little more frontal.  That means that basic body rhythms are freer to run more normally.  For example, when I am hit w/ a relapse, or central-brain migraine, my stomach stops processing.  I.e., peristalsis pretty much fails - which is why I sometimes try to get things moving by filling up on sunflower seeds - and coffee.  The problem with this stasis is that bad gut biota have their way, and so there is a loop: they increase the immune response, which agitates the brain w/ cytokines, which helps cause migraine, causing the gut to stall even further.  Pretty clever of those parasites, eh?  But now I feel things are finally turning around, so to speak.  My muscles are still stiff from ages ago - a lactic acid problem - and I am tired bodilly.  That will clear up the same time everything else does, because everything is related.  As far as I can guess, tomorrow: Tomorrow or Monday, long trek.  Weekend or Monday, bushes.  Tuesday, library.  Pushing it again.

Making feta/mozz. pizza w/ added black olives, diced tomatoes, anchovies, mushrooms, spices, mostly basil and garlic - also some greens.  That is out of oven now, and in went burritos, with a re-fried beans, diced tomatoes, quick oats, beans, etc., mix - plus greens and a little cheese.  Very little.  Both meals are GF...

No wine on the menu for the foreseeable future. No gf, either..

A few years ago, I installed a, "LJ Friends / Visitors Map," but only on a post, so it didn't get a lot of hits.  (Thinking of finally transferring that to my profile page).  I could not figure out who was the LJ person from Kentucky, as indicated on the map.  It's web page revealed that the person was from Carlisle, KY, so I looked that up.  The only person, from there, whom I thought who might ever read my jnl was the woman writer who visitted the Congo.  What a privilege!  (Check her out).  But, looking back, it seems that the visitor was actually a writer(?) in Pennsylvania.  But a privilege, nevertheless.  This actual person doesn't seem to have a Wikipedia page up yet, but I am sure he or she shall, one day soon.

One cannot rely on information in the web.  After that whole debacle about my phone company charging me hundreds$ for my dial up usage, and the problem became resolved, my IP now says that I am in Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh, I believe - every time I log on.  Although I take my name from MADison, Wisconsin, I am actually in Illinois.  It's getting hot in here I gotta take off all my clothes...  Pizza!  Who wants some?


Extremely good...  Esp. considering it was in fridge for over a week.  Secret is to let it sit to room temp. first.  Also, don't load toppings at the store, as they will melt the crust over time.  As usual, I had to burn the outer crust, in order to cook the inside shell.  Always a problem for GF pizza, imo.
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