where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

Repairing in mid-flight.

Day 8(?)

Central 'headache' seemed gone, but actually continues deeply.  Came and went in waves.  Did a deep bath, and lots of relax time, including small nap recently.  Now, headache shows itself, and I am trying to meditate oxygen into it.  Slowly but surely, this is how it regresses.  Along w/ fatigue, and associated small 'tooth infection'.  As usual, occult inflammation extends to heart.  Not just a neural connexion.  So, now I am reaching back to the time before Halloween, when I had that chest cold, made worse by the dust from sweeping the stairs, which caused a lot of sneezing, etc.  I can feel my lungs starting to get back to resolving all that, finally.  Talk about cumulative.  Hypothetically, I am to do a long trek tomorrow, and maybe bushes.  I badly need to buy some magnesium, my primary supplement, before I end up cramping out.  Heart in need, as well.  Looks like next Monday could be the 'rain-day'.  On the way, tomorrow, stopping at vet, F&F, before Box Stores.  Not sure if this will happen.  But I am recovering.  I need to eat the pizza in my fridge before it dies on me.  Have been expecting to make burritos, but keep delaying due to brain weather.  Main things I have done: is make more Kombucha, magic milk, fermented 'V8', and coffee.  And salad.  Gotta have my nitrogen.  Ready for sleep again...  Such an adventure...

While all else fails - or on back-burner... 
Tags: health - cfs - 2 (cfs / my cfs) (& see m, my cfs - (& see health - cfs...), my migraines
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