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Hmmmm... I've seen a few LJ friends talk about old boyfriends stalking them, and other life problems. I've seen so much trouble in my life, it's almost absurd how I'm now fairly insulated from it. But it really seems to be bubbling all around. And I am concerned. I just heard back from my LJ friend who is in the most trouble - and although that in itself does nothing to help her, maybe it might lead to something. I hope she will continue to keep in touch. I will respect the delicacy of her situation. Maybe that wasn't the right word. Volatility maybe.

So there are these thousands of Houstonites stranded in their cars in Lufkin, and other towns, who are going to get pelted. It's a little ironic that people fleeing the oil capital of the world are running out of gas. But it sucks to be them right now. I think I would rather be stuck in an emergency alone rather than be trapped with hundreds of people losing their tempers and so forth. I know how to survive, but I would be really bothered by a lot of other people who are new to the game. Anyway, it's really a tragedy going on down there, new to the American psyche, and I will be happy if there was minimal suffering. And I do hope Kat's parents will be alright, and that she is feeling calm and alright in College Station.

But I want to say a few things about the silliness of Americans. First of all, I read all these letters from people complaining that "liberals" should stop blaming Bush for Katrina, and should blame the democratic mayor, and so forth, because they failed to act. (Besides the fact that a case can be made that they DID attempt to act), I would advise them to watch what Bush has done during this emergency, and ask why it wasn't done in the previous one. Like stationing marine ships in the Gulf, sending in convoys of emergency relief trucks, of coordinating evacuation plans, and of taking precautionary action.

Next - I saw this newsman dork on TV pretending that he was losing his balance because of the winds pelting him - it was so obvious - I wanted to barf. But there was this newswoman - I forget her name - who is great - whom I thought was really going to get blown away - I thought it would look pretty cool - just, you know... woooosh!!!!

Now - I want to say - if I were the mayor of Galveston, or similar cities in this hurricane, I would completely evacuate the town, move everyone else to where there are emergency generators, and then turn the town's electricity off! I mean, how dumb do you have to be to figure that one out?

And I thought it was against the law to leave the American flag out in a storm where it will get ripped to shreads - just like letting it touch the ground, etc. - OR BURNING IT!!!

Oh - and the whole idea of rebuilding New Orleans - yes - it's very sweet and quaint and noble to want to do that. But when are we going to get a grip? If we don't put more $$$ into slowing global warming, we're all going to be trying to rebuild Miami, and Houston, and New Jersey, and Chicago, and every other city on the map by the end of the century. GET REAL you silly humans! I think they should make a big fun lake in the middle of New Orleans, and then all the rich people can go build their mansions around it, and just live and prosper there until God decides to unleash his wrath on them a few decades from now with a Class 7 hurricane, on accounta all their wicked and immoral ways.

Yeah - so - um - is Houston being punished for all IT'S disgusting heathens? hmmmm?

In a way... we all are.

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