I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Don't Worry, Baby..

After another hard day, I was compelled by my psyche to watch, "Never Been Kissed."  Makes me cry every time.  The pain of love when you're a geek.  (This movie really helped inspire other 'teen' movies, from, "Mean Girls," to, "Van Wilder," to, "She's The Man," etc.  Like the latter, also referenced, "As You Like It."

This is the last day of my cleaning crusade, which began before Halloween.  Although there is always more to do, I now put health first.  And I have a super long trek coming up, but so long as I catch up, and up, and up, on sleep, I think everything's gonna be alright.  This is also day 4 of intense CFS issues, mainly consuming brain.  And that is a little more than brain fog.

The LL could not make the visit today, so she sent only her repair guy.  45 minutes late, he stepped in, "serviced the furnace," and installed a new fire detector, as per request - and he was out, in like two minutes.  The LL trusts that I take care of the place, so.  But, after 2+ weeks of focusing on cleaning, and other exertions, and suffering the consequences for it, in more ways than one, what was the point of it all?  The point was not to meet any inspection, but to get it done, for myself.  And anyone who might one day think of stopping by.  Kinda like the movie.
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