You will own nothing and you will be nothing. (madman101) wrote,
You will own nothing and you will be nothing.

Double Standards


Al Franken: "It hurts me to think that my loving, tactile behavior has harmed anyone, and I am deeply sorry.  I am resigning from the US Senate."

Katie Hill: "I am leaving because a sick, misogynistic society spread 'naked pictures' of me illegally having sex with a young male staffer.  Meanwhile, we have men in power who have been accused of sexual violence who remain in power - including in the White House!"

There is a difference between being accused and being guilty.  Yes, there are Oafs in Office, but some of them are also female.  Stop using Trump to legitimize every sordid action.

A lot of voters are tired of it.
Tags: creepy / morbid, double standards, franken - al, hill - katie, hypocrisy - left-wing hypocrisy, politics - sordid

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