I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

You can't run from GOD !

I keep getting magazines from L. Ron Hubbard - the Xtian Scientists - or Scientology.  They started after I got my credit card - my bank sold my address on a mailing list.  Then, typists eventually altered the spelling of my name, by mistake.  All the junk mail associated with the proper spelling has stopped - but this incorrectly addressed stuff keeps coming.  It's like accelerating more and more.  It is junk I do not open or look at.  I have sent several pieces back, demanding that they desist.  But they don't - because religious fanatics are like that.  yesterday, on my way to Walgreens, I dropped a large envelope, filled with a bunch of these mailings and magazines, into a mailbox.  Where one normally writes one's return address, I wrote, "Bill Recipient!"  Inside the envelope was my note: "Remove from list!  No one ever asked for this crap!"

Today, I received yet another mailing from them.  Now, here's how it was addressed: Same misspelling of my name.  They dropped the "1/2" from my apartment number, and so the address is now actually that of the crazy bald man downstairs.  And for the city?  "San Clemente, CA 92672-2207."  (I live in Illinois).  I have NO idea how this mailing got to me!  It's like a bad dream.

I am going to drop it in a mailbox and see what happens..
Tags: crazy people - americans - usa, mistakes, oh bother, religion - christian scientologists, religion - pernicious fanatics

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