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Capgras, Kennedies and The Murder of Bridget Cleary

This is the story of the murder of Bridget Cleary, Ireland, 1895, by her husband, Michael. Michael came under a delusion that his wife had been replaced by a changling, which he had to kill, of course. This disorder is called, "Capgras delusion," or, sometimes referred to as, "a lot of claptrap." - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capgras_delusion

For some reason, even though it was Mr. Cleary who killed his wife, a bunch of other people were convicted, and they were mostly all Kennedy's. Maybe they were the infamous complicit faeries. It is interesting, all the superstition that haunted Ireland and Britain in that century, from C. Bronte, Dickens, Crowley, etc., even up to Yeats, who wrote about faeries all the time.

These convicted Kennedy's were not the ancestors of the American Kennedy clan. (Mr. Cleary did move to Montreal, though). However, they might have been related laterally, indirectly. The Kennedy clan is a hard thing to nail down, because it is actually at least three different groups. There is the Irish Kennedy clan, of which we speak here. But there is also the Scottish Kennedy clan. The latter, and maybe the former, derive from alternate derivations of the word, "Kennedy," meaning none of these folk are really related specifically.

There were many Kennedy's who immigrated to America in early times. Some were prominent and known to Lincoln. The JFK clan remained in Boston, where they prospered. The, "F", in JFK refers to their, "Fitzgerald," lineage. The Fitzgerald's are not originally Irish. They are French-Norman, (related to the Norse, who took over much of Ireland, and were fought by Brian Boru - who also fought many of the Northern Irish - my stock). Eventually, these immigrants were said to become, "more Irish than the Irish themselves." But I still think of them as imposters. Changelings. Fair game for the faeries of old.

(There are many layers to the Irish people. From pre-Celtic, Pict-related, the fabled Milesians, immigrants from Spain/Portugal, the Druid-related people, the Vikings, the Anglo-Normans, and who knows who else. There remain questions as to how the original Celts landed there. Possible from Scythia/Sarmatia along the Danube, and south by the Mediterranean. There seem to have been at least two distinct Celtic groups/waves. It is possible, from recent research, that there was a wave of immigrants 6,000 years ago, from the Aegean Sea area, maybe too early to be Celtic, maybe not, maybe proto-Celtic. And, I have been interested in prehistoric immigrants into Iberia and Ireland, many more thousands of years ago, from north-west Africa. And these would have been the original, literal, "Black Irish").

Thank you for indulging me. Now, back to the murder of Bridget Cleary. [For my own notes, her maiden name was, "Boland"].

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