where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

Ask not for whom the blood boils.

I was thinking it would be a good idea to walk to the library yesterday, if able. One item was overdue. So, I was well enough, and I also packed some laundry, heading off with my large serious hiker's backpack. Dropped off the books , did laundry, walked home. Since the crazy man was starting to stomp around again, thinking me ill, my outing seems to have shut him up for now. He always starts up when rain is coming within about 1 day.

Note: While on my way to library, A-Hole Guy on motorcycle stopped at intersection in front of me, glaring straight at me. Taking out dog now, at 4:am, I see weird scattered vegetation out front, and also some goon walks by. This is the sort of thing that A-Hole Guy perpetrates, ridiculous passive aggression, to try to intimidate me.

Also, when I woke up, about 45 mins ago, my left eye was swollen. No indication of anything external which might have irritated it - no red eye or itch. I think it was all the cashews I ate around 11:pm, before I fell asleep. I once eschewed cashews, because I felt they increased my fatigue somehow. But, lately, I have thrown caution to the wind. cashews are related to poison ivy, and I get SERIOUSLY reactive to poison ivy. Interesting.

I am also eating cereal again, w/ bananae - as well as pushing myself physically. And the cereal contains barley malt, (not gluten-free). We'll see how things go..

Basically, I am washing dog-throws, blankets, etc., reducing the mites, etc. I expect to be doing vacuuming soon enough. Getting the place ready for winter, but also Halloween. Would have preferred not to have been living here by now. But this cleaning will also make movign better, whenever the time should come.
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