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where hypotheses come to die

I feel obligated to consume every pistachio on the planet.

I done good. I pulled it off. Prepared. Walked to CVS. Walked to pizza place. Sacked a pizza. Walked to Aldi's. Bought chicken for dog, 79 cents/pound. Bought a 10" and 8" faux granite pan set for $15, replacing my 8" and maybe my 10", record of the band that plays the blues. People were nice there, but I was too ill to socialise. Cashier couldn't hear my voice. Walked to supermarket. I maxed out my Link card for this month - but I am stocking up for winter, so I will only have to leave my apt. once a month. Finally found chocolate Halloween candy I could relate too - bought three little bags of discounted candy bars, w/ 10% profit going to endangered species. The bars might help enlighten whatever ghouls that may stop by. And, I can always melt them down. The bars, I mean.

I really squired a heavy haul. Packed it all up, and waited, with time to spare. Cab driver was a quiet female who was driving the car, playing with her smart phone, and so on. But, she knew me as the guy with, "the Hachi dog." We talked about that movie, and other Free-Willie-type movies.

I have to say, That Cal-Aieo (???) guy on World Cafe has been playing some quality music. The woman coming in to replace Talia Shlanger is another Canadian, and a star on the Canadian Indie radio scene, so that looks good. Otherwise, I would be done with NPR.

For example... This morning, they said, "Turkey's Erdowan(sp?) 'reportedly' threw Trump's letter in the trash." Seriously? You tell me something like that and you don't tell me who 'reported' this? It could have been your mother! Well, it turns out that that was not true, and Trump actually accomplished a deal with the Turkish president on Syria. Similarly, NPR reported this morning that Boris Johnson had completely failed on setting up a Brexit deal with the EU, and parliament had rejected it. IN FACT, we learn latter, the deal actually went through, and things look good for the UK. Why do you suppose we keep getting these false reports? It is more than wishful thinking on the part of a lot of elitist liberal nibs. Later...

Oh - so, my eager plan was this: Tuesday: Walk to vet, proceed to F&F, proceed walking to Walmart, etc. Catch bus home. Friday: Take cab with dog to pet store. Leave him there while I hike to stores, shopping. Cab home. The only problem is that the pet store is now closed. I find this sad, cuz I was hoping to get to know the folks there more. So, have to find out some other way to get dog bathed.

Invest in pistachios. They like desert conditions.
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