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Too sick to go trekking to supermarket, etc., yesterday. It appears that there has been a full sweep through my brain and body, fighting away all the riffraff that prospered during a continuing, full-body "cold." And this has been tortuous. But I managed to get to the library and farmers' market on Tuesday. And it feels like I am doing better today. I am thinking of walking to supermarket, etc., and getting a cab home, since I am boycotting the bus company. If I felt a little better, I could walk home, with groceries.

My dog has contracted the mange again. He gets this from a dog that pisses in our bushes. Some dog has also come up on my porch and peed on my wall. And, yesterday, after I heard some guys out back laughing about some dog, I saw that the dog has left a giant package of poop next to our bushes, for me to clean up. By a telephone pole where my dog pisses, the grass was all ripped up, clearly by the same, mean dog. I have seen some guy walking a dog there once, where the dog did the same, territorial thing. And this guy might be the same guy that has given me trouble in the past. So, he has been bringing his dog up onto our property just to fuck with me. This insane neighbourhood passive aggression never stops. At least a guy who walked by this morning was nice enough to give me a strong hello.

I am more tired than expected. I might do plan B: Tomorrow, take my dog in a cab to the pet store to get washed. Meanwhile, I will trek around and shop. Then pick him up and go home in a cab. I just need to find a cab company which will only charge me $5 total, each way. Unfortunately, I have not washed blankets and vacuumed, to reduce the mites. So, if he comes home clean and damp, he may pick them up again. Rest assured, though, I have been treating him myself, successfully. He just needs a full bath.

After running out of ear mite spray, what did I do? I made my own, using these:

- Kombucha
- witch-hazel
- hair growth tonic
- topical anti-flee/tick liquid
- baby oil
- tea tree oil
- oils of: lemon, orange, eucalyptus, 'Christmas tree'
- de-wormer liquid
- iodine
- pepper spray

I couldn't find anti-itch. To keep him from biting the area raw, I spray some of my anti-smell spray on him at night. It is designed to spray onto urine outside and keep my dog from licking it. It is made up of wintergreen rubbing alcohol and various mint oils. It actually works. But I try to spray it on on his fur on not the skin.

I spent last night mainly making the latest big batch of wet dog food. The whole process, including storing it away, is complex. Filling the house with meaty smells, I am sure the crazy man downstairs, who has been acting up again, due to the moon, the holiday, approaching rain, etc., did not appreciate this, but sure enough, he deserved no less.

Meanwhile, I watched, "Dead Man Walking," for the first time. Great movie with minimal flaws.

The shipment of walnuts should be showing up in the mail soon. Darn it - F&F is selling them for EVEN LESS, beginning on Saturday. Eventually, I might take advantage of that and stock up more for the winter, because I am a squirrel.
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