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The Worst DMV Facilities In Northern Illinois

The Worst DMV Facilities In Northern Illinois

I have been to the Rockford DMV. It was really rude, disrespectful, tedious and abusive. I am especially remembering one man who had a serious mental issue, and was fixed in a permanent scowl. He also seemed to have a special resentment of me, possibly because my respectful and positive attitude contradicted his whole world view, and shamefully almost made him crack a smile. I hate being nice to jerks who in no way deserve it, especially if they are paid by public taxes, and are supposed to be doing a public service. Backwards and dysfunctional!

So, I had to deal with an issue of my DL being revoked, (for a silly reason, related to my CFS). I had to take a by-mail course, which was intrusive of my privacy, and pretty dumb, actually. And, i had to pay hundreds of dollars. After this was all done, I received my DL, in an envelope, in the mail. OH YAY, I thought, I can drive again. So, I did - only to later find out that the license WAST STILL REVOKED. What kind of BS?!...

So, I am thinking that it was the same guy at the DMV, who must have been overseeing my case, clerically. It was probably this jackass who sent me back my DL, without so much as an accompanying note, expecting to get me into trouble with the law again. I cannot see any other explanation for the completely unprofessional action. It was equivalent to someone leaving a burning bag of shit on one's doorstep, or such. Juvenile.

You will find, my friends, in certain places, or maybe countries, when you are down, people come out of EVERYWHERE to harm you further, like an onslaught of sadistic zombies. They will blame you, gossip about you, burn down your garage, slit your tires, set off firecrackers, bang on your walls, send you derisive mail, deprive you of sleep, call the police on you, steal your friends and family, stare and glare, and even attack you physically, as my own brother did. All of this passive and active aggression, overwhelmingly perpetrated by religious people who are sure of their own moral righteousness, betrays what base animals people generally choose to be. Freedom, free will - this is America, after all!

Anyway, the centre of gravity, of all this depravity, often turns out to be the DMV, which, for all practical purposes, is charged with a mission from hell.
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