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Food for thought / Crazy 3

I don't know about your experience, but mine is that avocados have really sucked this year. Too hard. Black/brown throughout. Too small. Too soft. Almost no taste. Just a bad scene all around. I know that the demand is outstripping the supply. This is why they are making a lot of guacamole out of squash these days. And this is also the reason that Mexico's drug cartels are getting into the avocado business, illicitly. So, which of these explains the poor quality? All three? Mexicans just don't seem to care anymore.

I am not buying Dole produce anymore. Why? A Dole head of lettuce quickly turned brown, inside and out, far too soon. After that, I bought a salad mix in a bag - woops - that was Dole, too. Same thing happened to that. I am thinking that Dole irradiates it's food. Which kills the food. Why eat produce that is dead?! Like they really need to irradiate food after it has already been bathed in pesticides?

For the record: I bough a bunch of cheap tomatoes for $.99/pound. Yesterday, I picked up a bunch more for free, as I passed the starvation pantry. I am going to boil up some fine tomato sauce. I have two GF pizza shells but won't get the cheese until Friday, when I go to 2 big box stores. Did I tell you that I bought a slick pair of leather "bicycle shoes" at F&F? I need to put air in my bike tires - but really, I don't see myself riding it until I get out of this town.

Yesterday, some local guy was operating a bulldozer, which knocked a bee hive. He got attacked by a swarm of bees. Then he fell and got run over by the bulldozer. Stranger than fiction.

I think I had another human-interest story for ya but I forgot it. I might add it here later.

I went to library yesterday - donated two DVD's I did. Was also at computer when I realised I was really pressed for time. I ran to the laundromat to do, um, laundry. Pulled my clothes out in the middle of the spin cycle, and also pulled them out too soon from the drier, just so I could catch the movie at 5:30. (Meanwhile, I gave an old man a quarter cuz a drier ate his quarter). Rushing to the theatre - suddenly 4 teens popped out of the alley and were now in front of me. Waiting in line, we were held up because incoming were now ordering concessions, (ironically, for they paid us no concessions). Yes, the same person that sells you your ticket is the person who also sells concessions. They don't even use the ticket booth anymore. All tickets are sold at the concessions stand. Just to save money. Well, I did get into the movie a few minutes late, but I made it. I really made it.

Walking home from movie, I see A-hole Guy in front of trash house (next to mine), facing the street as if he is hitchhiking or something. It was strange. Then, I take my dog out. The whole neighbourhood is bustling with insanity. Cars. Pedestrians. Police cars racing somewhere. A-hole Guy walks by whilst I am up on lawn w/ dog, standing still, just staring at him, with his ass-of-a-face in the air. And, also, this: Some truck rounds the corner, and a crazy woman is yelling out the passenger window, facing me, "You better think about getting an AIDs test! bla bla bla!"

This couldn't have anything to do with me - even though she was like leaning out the window looking at me as she yelled! I really didn't care, but I at first thought she must have been arguing with the driver, despite her orientation, pardon the pun. As my dog was distracted, I had to tug him in line. And then the lady is shouting, "OK! Alright! Let's do it right here! You wanta start something right now?!" - or something like that. That's when I thought, well, maybe she is yelling at me. A complete lunatic, coming out of nowhere, attacking me, a person she doesn't even know. (And I don't even have sex - how could I have AIDs?!)

Well, if she was yelling at me, the only explanation was that she was exploiting some kind of gossip about me that had been going around - just to make herself seem important. For I am so formidable an enemy. These people, collectively, are all cowards. They pass this fatuous gossip. Then they attack or throw things at you or give you the finger - all when they are safely inside cars. It's disgusting. And this woman reminded me of those old toothless ladies with Pirate accents who goad crowds into rioting, or hanging witches, or such. Blimey.

And, there may be this component: jealous stupid ugly people see a good looking guy who never socialises with them - so that means he must be gay. Which means he must have AIDs. And therefore be evil. Even though I have told people I have a chronic illness, they just choose to be blind to this. And, as I have noted before, they also paradoxically exploit the perceived weakness of my illness, subconsciously, at the same time they consciously deny I am ill. It's an amazing phenomenon.

Dehumidifier has been going non-stop because of humid bathroom, and damp laundry hanging everywhere. I have to keep on doing laundry, cleaning, and packing, upon the supposition that I shall be moving soon.
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