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My third Jane Austin movie in a row, "Sense and Sensibility," (1995).  Winslet, Thompson, Grant, Laurie.  This is the only movie where I didn't writhe in loathing over Hugh Grant.  Apparently, there are two more versions of S&S at the library, waiting for me to watch.  It's important that I do this / I'm gay.

In every one of these movies, the same characters, devices and themes arise, again and again.  It's such fun tracking them.  Nevertheless, each work brings its own unique satisfaction, wuithout fail.  It betrays that, despite how limitted was the realm in which Austin dwelt, she always mastered a whole new world out of limitted parts.  That is genius, even when provincial.  And, there is much to be said for drumming in the same messages, in one form, and then in another - it is a great way to educate.  I do the same thing when it comes to my heavier LJ posts.  I am perfectly fine in repeating myself, in alternate, new ways.  Like history, like poetry, life's lessons do not so much repeat as they do rhyme.
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