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I am the person who will destroy China.

Dig-In Nation - Part 1

I am up early again, w/ coffee. In the kitchen, I keep one radio station going non-stop. I turn it up when the crazy man downstairs starts stomping or banging. This is Sunday morning - time for gospel music on that station. A male choir is singing, "He touched me! He touched me! And now I am saved!" It is bizarre that they don't have a clue as to the irony in what they are saying. For they know not what they do.

Months ago, the new white neighbour guy, who has been goaded by A-hole Guy to hate me, came over and complained about hearing gospel music across from his window, on a Sunday morning, etc. I was polite and said I'd turn it down - but he kept drilling into me so I stung him and he retreated into thin air. Because the new whites assume that the only people they are supposed to be afraid of, (respect), are the blacks. God forbid a white guy be playing gospel music. (I don't even like white gospel music but the radio stays ON).

Only blacks get to be expressive, around here, ad absurdium.  This is a black neighbourhood within a German USA city.  Imagine the possibilities.  Not many Irish around here.

One black man walked past as I stepped out with my dog, the other day. "Oh, no - More crap," I thought. But he was a decent person and waved at me, so I said hi.  Always ready to say hi. I am thinking that this might be someone who got wind that someone complained about gospel music coming from my apartment. So, he is probably a church-goer who now thinks I am on the GOOD side. I am one of the holy ones. Who understands. I don't even go to church - which is always a big problem for me, whatever neighbourhood I am stuck with.  I must be the devil.

What idiocy, either way. It's like when I was attacked for, "Voting for Trump," (wut?!), but then, after I grew a pony tail, I was messed with because it was assumed I was a wimpy liberal. I am living in a world of cardboard cut-outs.

Yesterday, watched movie, "Indignation," based on the Phillip Roth novel. some of it reminds me a lot of my own existence in this god-fearing cuntry, I am sure I will do a mini-review later.

Philosophical posts may also be coming up.

I am currently boiling up tea; and chicken thighs for my dog.  With my kitchen exhaust fan calmly blowing.  Wafting sleep-disturbing deliciousness at the heathen across the way.  (This is not passive aggression, though.  I time how and when my fan blows.  So I had to take advantage of it exhausting this morning, or else be stuck with a more humid apartment, and unruly dog. I am trying to keep the humidity, and temperature, down, because of aforementioned cockroaches, [sic].
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