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where hypotheses come to die

What's your favourite Acid Trip?

Taking Woodstock:

(Or watch it in 1080p).

Taking Woodstock and cinema's love of trippy scenes | Anne Billson

The 10 Greatest Drug Scenes In Movies | Complex

The Top 25 Psychedelic Videos of All Time | The Daily Psychedelic Video

​10 music videos to trip out on

Best Movies to Watch on Mushrooms

Across the Universe - Strawberry Wars scene / BEATLES

Across the Universe - I Am the Walrus scene (Bono)

Across the Universe - Mister Kite scene (Eddy Izzard)

"Acid Trip #1" / Mad Men / Tron / Dark Side of Rainbow /(Beyond) / Stairway to Gilligan / The Inner Light

Why LSD Trips Last So Long and Connect Us to the Universe

Help for Bipolar 1 / Help for Bipolar 2 / Help for Bipolar 3
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