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"a killing field for hypotheses"

They won't stop being selfish ghouls until you kick them in the face.

Just so you know, I drop people who play games with me online. People who make posts in response to mine, competing, thieving, thinking themselves god's gift to the world, when what they really are are fucking parasites. Same as the blood-sucking rich who steal away the fruits of labour, as well as the music and fashion from the less well-to-do, and the land and the clothes from the poor, usually under the rubric of religion or ideology.

Look what this manner of thieving has done to the planet. We are experiencing the fastest, vastest mass extinction of all time. Our climate is out to destroy us. The division between the rich and the poor is accelerating with globalisation. People addicted to reality TV and YouTube have turned into insolent flash-mob jerks. People are locking themselves into polarised partisan politics, convinced that they are right about everything, closing their minds not just to half of politics, but much of reality. Forest fires are burning out of control, more and more each year. Bees and other insects are vanishing.

China is buying away American will-power and integrity. Like Japan before WW2, China is consuming away world resources - in Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indochina, and building islands to claim International Waters. China means to control Mongolia, Tibet, Xinjian, Aksai Chin, Kashmir, the Uyghurs, Taiwan, the road into Europe and, soon enough: the UK, New Zealand and British Columbia.

There are tens of thousands of new chemicals being released into the environment which haven't even been tested, and so some of which are doing harm we won't even know about until years from now. The only chemical we are finally confronting is Glyphosate. Maybe Dicamba. It continues to be a field-day for Big Ag, Big Pharma, Big Oil and everything else.

There are decomposed microplastics choking up every inch of the planet, even falling from the sky in the Alps and the Rockies. And polluting the oceans, choking turtles, sea mammals, sharks, and so on. The oceans are acidifying, and melting away the calcium in the shells of mollusks and crustaceans, and microscopic sea life. Epidemics are rising in animals and humans.

Arctic ice is painted over with black carbon from coal and car exhausts.

The internet is logged and monitored by endless corporations and governments. Meanwhile, as we lose our privacy here, we lose our newspapers, libraries, mom-and-pop stores, local products, and even our malls. At the same time, governments are clamping down on privacy, shadow/banning people on the internet, and tracking people for pre-crime.

Some of the mass-shootings were, if not contrived, exploited by the globalist mission to disarm populations. Even people who need to control goats in New Zealand, or wild hogs in wherever, are being told to disarm. So China can move in. So Islam can expand. So the police state can control our ever exploding population bommb. EIGHT FUCKING BILLION PEOPLE AND COUNTING!

More people does not mean that life is getting better. More people means more destruction of the environment, more GMO foods, more insects for dinner, more carbon into the atmosphere. Anyone who says that times are getting better is fucking out of their mind. The people who talk like that are technocrats, religionists and RICH COMFORTABLE OLD PEOPLE. They are rolling along on their easily financed day-dream, believing they are blessed and all-knowing, and just assume everyone else shares this belief that everything will all turn out in the end. This is bullshit - at least for the greater mass of humanity.

Who will die fighting their wars - their wars to prove their delusions correct? Who will die for their pollutions and their investments and their automations and their lies? Who is already being swamped by the rising relative costs of existing - the rising rents, the rising hate, the rising insults to health? Any fucking person can profess that the past was worse than today, on the premise that there are more people and TV sets. But such people are living in a dangerous dream world - in a bubble doomed to pop.

My life was better when I was young. How about you? Things were clean. Life was easy. People believed in substantial progress - instead of lashing out indiscriminately. America was strong. The world was improving in our direction. Militant Islam was not terrorising the Western world, as its rabbit-like population enveloped the planet. I was healthy and life was fun. So, with myself as an anecdote, probably representing LOTS of people, I say that life is getting worse. Science is also on my side.

So, these derelict, irresponsible false prophets can keep larking on about the wonder of expansive consciousness and human destiny, but the lights will go out on them as they shall on most everyone else. Looking to them will only hasten our demise.

I am fucking done with these lazy thieves of the spirit who only make a profession on prancing and preening about, seeking admiration for their feigned greatness. Reality owns us all. You keep spending your life and money buying into dreams of these fat little rich boys, all you will get is a slow rape of your dignity and wealth.

If one believes that life is just getting better and better for the planet, and also that globalisation is inevitable, then one is spiritually investing in globalisation, which is a lie, and a diversion - a new scheme to further empower the already-rich. Believe me, before globalisation is fully installed, with all its consequent regulations of our spirit, the planet's plight will have overwhelmed us all, and globalisation will have become nothing but a war between the masses and the institutions. No comfortable future here.

And if all these social-media infused mass uprisings are proof that our race is advancing in moral maturity and justice, then just imagine that I, too, am a part of this enlightened mob and its daft aspirations. I know there is no future for me, and I protest nonetheless. THAT is the point.

I have not been bought away from my soul by false promises.

I am Irish. I don't eat your potatoes.

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