I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

The Unsettling.

This continuing Hong Kong situation. It reminded me of Madison 2011, and the Arab Spring. Those were the days. There was actually connexions made between the protesters in Egypt and Wisconsin. (madison_fights).

But it's all a sad mess, because they are on an island - owned by a giant fiend of a country. What are they going to do? Shame on Britain for ever giving it away. This was bound to happen. 18 more years and no more free internet, or streets, or thought. It's a done deal - they are on a conveyor belt into 1984 like slaughtered pigs. Good for them for speaking out.

Some of them are waving American flags, as if that will save them. Trump is trying to downplay it all, for various reasons. You can be sure he's got some ideas boiling in the background as to how to exert force in the region, as a last resort. But it looks like a sad lost cause - like watching those tiny characters living on a speck of dust, in that Dr. Seuss story, just getting smashed into nothingness. "We are here!!!"

China sucks. Sometimes I turn in bed and the thought settles in my head: "We should just bommb the fuck out of China." If only to allow me to get a little sleep. Some say those American flags were commissioned by the Chinese government, as a way to show how all of this is being perpetrated by the USA, just as the USA once blamed the USSR for all those hippie protests. All this crap is still going on, and people never learn - and certainly one country or race never learns from another.

Meanwhile, the environment is going to hell in a hand-basket, and there isn't much time left to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime miracle called Earth. It is bland to chastise mankind for his folly, in a theatrical sense. But, the reality is. That's the reality. Stupid fucking humans, no better than the beasts they conquered.

As far as Epstein: I was surprised that so much loose information got out in the first place. I was expecting a lot more official 'party-line' propaganda. I was expecting more of a clear description that Epstein had committed suicide, no ifs ands or buts.

Well, that is what the official autopsy is closing with, now. Just because they say it does not prove it is so. But, if it is, fine. I don't care. However, one of the guys on the autopsy also worked on the autopsy of JFK, which was a clear conspiracy. Most of you would agree with that by now. So, we seem to be looking at a slow sanitisation of affairs, minimising damage to most involved. Same as it ever was.

I will tell you, though... Writing 'conspiracy theory' posts brings in more readers than anything else.

My LJ / internet / computer is just getting more and more inept. Things got so slow that it was a virtual stop. Pages load but don't even display. Impossible to post normally unless I do the code myself. Can't post friends-only. If I can post at all. And so on. All I can say is that at least I can write at my leisure offline, and that will mainly be all that matters.

Tried watching another S. Ronan film which did not do her justice, "Mary, Queen of Scots". (Her Irish accent did show through a bit). Looking for history, I found feminist and multicultural propaganda, which is something different. It reminded me of the (horrible) movie, "Kind Arthur," with what's-his-name, ('Alfie'), where blacks and minorities were inserted into British history, meaning to appeal to a 21'st century American multicultural audience. That really doesn't work for me. I could go watch cartoons or eat cake instead, for all of that.

Also tried to watch, "Heat," but was bored by it's violence and it's old-fashioned glorification of Pacino as a cop know-it-all. I think I will try watching some more Charlie Chaplin now, ciao.
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