I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

If I had half-a-mind.

Slept a little today, then took a hot bath, and didn't eat, and these penances allowed me to go shopping. I used to think there were a lot of ugly people in Ye Olde City, but this place is twice as bad. It is a comfort when fit, good looking females toy with me with their eyes. That happened 2-3 times today, and it was my only salvation.

Most of the day was spent listening to people talk, observing. And I marvel at how socially retarded people insist on doing things that keep them socially retarded. If you can imagine: a society of antisocials having a party. Which almost rhymes with retarded.

When I got home, I took my beloved dog out, and his nose locked into a spot in the lawn. Someone had allowed their dog to piss up there on this property. My dog hones in on urine and starts licking in slow motion, frothing at the mouth, throwing off ribbons of sputum. It is completely disgusting. I have to pull at him with all my strength to pry him away, as he is completely, decidedly, lost to the world, beyond all help.

This has been an embarrassment to me, in this neighbourhood. And many people have yelled at me for pulling my dog away into goofy oblivion. But he is on a harness, and not a collar, or a choke chain, so fuck ye the fuck off.

While I was dealing with this, we both espied a tiny brown dog, expressing herself on the adjacent lawn along yon way. PRIME SUSPECT. Meanwhile overgrown 3-year-old-boy is making all sorts of weird muffled comments behind the walls of that house.

It appears that A-hole guy is succeeding in convincing his boss's tenants that I am some sort of neighbourhood joke to be taunted and ridiculed. All because I mind my own business, out of necessity, and then make a lot of noise when the time come. Some dog or someone had left their urine all the way up on my porch, against the wall. And the owner of that little brown dog had only scowled at me the first time she saw me.

That's pretty much what everyone did, as soon as I moved here. So, I have no misgivings. I am not of this world. It is all something perverse for me to study. Although. I really never did ask for this assignment. As us8ual.

If such pathetic things keep swirling about in forgotten towns like this one, then, you can be sure there is perversion of the highest odour occurring in the enclaves of wealth and power. Because we are all one big bag of decline. We just have different roles to play.

Jeffrey Epstein was just a puppet of these times, please god recommend him to your eternal vacuum. Bu, in so far as there is this thing called, 'evil', then Jeffrey was your man. More clues to the latest puzzle... One of the two guards who were supposed to be guarding Epstein, but were instead supposedly sleeping, was not any kind of correctional officer. So. What was he doing there?

And: "Guards on duty apparently falsified records."

Another clue: Someone burnt down his Satanic pedophile complex on his Virgin Island Island of Virgins. Gee - why would that happen? Maybe it was just some mistake made by the Clinton Foundation, seeking to help desperately deprived suckers.

A big migraine set in, in my front right hemisphere, kinda temporal. made things difficult today. One man sat at a table and asked me to taste beers. And I just pointed to my head, saying, "migraine." The danger now is that drinking shall solidify this curse for all the unforeseen future.

If I had half-a-mind.
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