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I am the person who will destroy China.

How they lived prior to Pompeii

First of all, here is the drinkage contained in my fridge at present... I have two gallons of coffee. One gallon of Kombucha. One gallon of fermented Magic Milk. One gallon of fermented "V8" drink. And two gallons of fermented chocolate drink. All on one shelf. I am a very rich man. What is interesting is that I basically use three different cultures to ferment everything but the coffee, (of course). I will be working on making more Kombucha soon - as I now have the tea and cranberry juice. This will be my last food goal lately. Decided not to make chili, but everything else is done.

Tonight, I finally made the burritae. Pretty good mix of re-fried beans, red pepper, mushrooms, tomato, etc., and magic juices, all re-fried - (since they had been sitting in the fridge for too many days). I also add fresh spinach as a bed, and top each w/ some cheap-'cheese'. I found that the GF bread, which had been in the fridge maybe 2 weeks, folded fine after I let it warm to room temp - BUT, after baking, it flaked all out. So. I also boiled up some fresh spinach which was slightly ammonia.

I am hoping to go shopping tomorrow. I get a $5 rebate if I buy another 6-pack of spiked seltzer, which is just as it should be.

Hmmmph - yesterday, I lost three Firefox windows full of many fine tabs. I have no idea how my settings changed to allow that to happen. Just have to keep going. Looking at Oregon again. It would be best to move NORTH, but there are a few places I have come across, in OR, NC, etc., which are a bit cooler than the rest of their region. (The town I am in tends to be that way, somewhat). But some of these have air quality issues. Don't need that. One of the many reasons I want to move away from HERE is to get away from the bad air from the 'highway' next to my house. So many factors to look for... No town has it all. I did notice one college town has the lowest percentage of religious people in it, would give me a great relief. But then, in my experience, there can be problems in being surrounded by atheists, sometimes. As long as they aren't militant, like the holy rollers. My dog is an atheist and I get along with him just fine. Sometimes.

I watched, "Pride & Prejudice," (and commentary), again. It really is a great movie. I would add this to "Atonement" and "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" as three must-see K.Knightly movies, esp. if you are small_handfuls, in which case you should still see "Young Adult" because I know you haven't.

To some other LJ friends: I fixed that friends-of-friends page problem for you.

Everybody is celebrating Woodstock now. Doesn't that refer to the stock of a gun? Rather than a broth made from trees? More on that later.
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