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I was once again disgusted over the media's messaging following the latest Epstein turn of a worm. As soon as he died, the NYT, LA Times, NPR, and so on down the line, were reporting that Epstein had committed suicide, even though they had no evidence of this. Furthermore, there was an annoying blitz of people announcing, "These conspiracy theories need to be put to rest, right now...", referring to alternate suggestions that Epstein had been murdered.

I always love when people come out of nowhere and tell me what to think. There was as much evidence that someone had killed him, as there was that he may have been murdered. And yet we were being educated that the fact was that it was a suicide. And the media, all DNC-inclined, were calling Epstein a financier, when it is more correct to say that he, like Madoff, was a con man, and, even beyond the likes of Weinstein, a sexual predator and child molester.

Why do you suppose there was all this biased spin, by people who pretend themselves to be grand liberators of the Truth?

You do not think that a global pedophile ring, with agents even beyond Epstein, which manipulated U.S. pedophile politicians into voting this way or that, and had bases from New Mexico to Israel, for at least 40 years, does not continue to have a grip on many of our political and governmental, and covert, institutions?

You do not think that there continue many people in positions of power who's reputations would be destroyed by being exposed as being Satanic sex fiends - and who would not use every ounce of their influence to make it appear that the whole Epstein conspiracy never really happened?

[Remember how the NYT spouted the conspiracy theory that there were WMDs in Iraq - a conspiracy theory which ended up killing millions and costing us trillions? And now, one writer in the NYT is arguing that those who suggest Epstein may have been murdered be yoked with being called perpetrators of HATE SPEECH - allowing them to be banned across the internet, following the example of Alex Jones. As if mere scarlet-letter blame and rumour-mongering carried the prerogative of tearing them down like Civil War statues].

And don't you think that this conspiracy of degeneracy would not find any way possible to see to it that Epstein would be prevented from testifying?

At least the normally biased Washington Post bothered to report that Epstein had ALLEGEDLY committed suicide. And...

Almost a day ago, the Washington Post reported that evidence from Epstein's autopsy points to the possibility that he may have been murdered.

That's right. Another conspiracy theory just might prove to be true. And there was not a word of it on NPR at all today.

BREAKING: Washington Post is Reporting that Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Shows broken bones in Epstein's neck, something more commonly found in "homicides" "Such breaks can occur in those who hang themselves... But they are more common in victims of homicide by strangulation" - http://twitter.com/politvidchannel/status/1161963110883659776

Autopsy finds broken bones in Jeffrey Epstein's ... - Washington Post

There were bruises on his neck the first time around, when he was found unconscious. After that, would a sleazeball like that just decide to try hang himself again, on top of that painful injury? It is possible to choke yourself into unconsciousness but not into DEATH - so his death either came from hanging or being strangled by someone else. Well, how in the heck would it have been possible for him to hang himself. And why have we not heard of any belt, rope, or fabric found? The logical conclusion is that someone else killed him. And now the autopsy points to this possibility.

Well, (I had come to the strong opinion, after considering several facts, that a covert stand-down had been called within the prison, which allowed for the 'incident' to occur. This stand-down might have been to allow a MURDER to occur - OR - it might have been to allow Epstein to be removed into protective custody of the Federal government, so that he would NOT be murdered, and could inform the US government of the wider ring of corruption.

The fact that the autopsy was made, and showed incriminating evidence, pretty much puts to rest the second hypothesis. He was not shuttled away by the Federal Government. And so, the probable stand-down occurred so as to allow for a murder. (Also: It would be bizarre to posit that a stand-down existed to allow for a suicide, lol). So, the autopsy, and the probable stand-down, both point to a murder. And so does this:

The fact the Epstein had been arrested but others, like Maxwell, were not expertly caught as well, made this look like an amateur piece of work - or a hasty and nervous capture towards some other end. It was the victim, the female whistle-blower, who set things in motion, and so it looks like people scrambled, in reaction, to effect a cover-up.

Three vectors suggesting a murder. Pardon me for my conspiracy theorising! But, in fighting real conspiracies, and their media management, (conspiracy theories), one must bother to be a little abnormal and actually THINK.

Why was there a murder of Epstein? Was it the pedophile/political conspiracy, or was it just some prisoner who hates pedophiles, rich people or Jews? I will just leave off by reposting this comment I made to another LJ friend, which some of you might not like. It was made about three weeks ago, following the first incident, where Epstein had been found unconscious - this was prior to his death.

(Funny what a coincidence that was that he died... Oh, and the last time they had a suicide in that HIGH-VISIBILITY Manhattan Correctional Facility was 25 years ago. Great that we get to focus on what a shambles out prison systems are in - but don't let that well-timed compassionate talk your eyes off the specific case, blinding you to what is real).

When it comes to pedophiles and their suppliers, these are the most hated by prisoners, and often guards, in many US prisons. (Transsexuals come next. Then gays. Then it's all racial gangs). So, gates are left open, and mistakes are allowed to happen.

However, there have been global child trafficking rings for many decades, as you know - and these have catered to the wealthiest and most corrupt. For years, I have been hearing about Epstein - stuff the main media does not touch. He has been serving some very 'important' people in the USA, probably including both Clintons. I believe Bill Clinton has been in his jet something like 27 times. And the main place that jet went was an island in the Caribbean, where the illicit activities occurred.

Many US prisons have become linked to politicians and parties. Just like the prisoners inside, outsiders are sometimes given secret passage, or are paid back favours. Epstein was probably attacked by someone in the service of one of these people. And the Clintons are not off the list of suspects. I hate to say this, because it bursts the bubble of so many LJ Democrats. But, many 'conspiracy theories' turn out to be those things that the naive ignore, and those things that criminals exploit in the cover of that naiveté.

Alex Jones, "far right", is a talk show host who will surely be ranting about Epstein today. He ranges from delusional self-centered blowhard, to a messenger of various truths or hypotheses. You will have a chance to listen to him talk, via //www.infowars.com/show. (Today's show began about 1/2 hour ago). He has been banned on FB, YT, etc., etc. Proving conspiracies exist. And - many of his views are the same as those on the alt-left, but people have been conditioned to hate whatever side is alternate to theirs.

PS - Since Epstein was not actually killed, (prompting a deeper investigation), this may have been a warning to him NOT to testify on certain matters. Or - I could be wrong, one way or another.

Also: Fear of being caught keeps politicians in line, and voting for policies they are told to vote for. See also: DC Madam.

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