I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.


I have been-

  1. Recovering from relapse, as usual.

  2. Exploring related tabs and tangents online. I am suprised my browser is still working.

  3. Dealing with the after-effects of post-finasteride issues, which is all about being really really horny.

  • I am brewing some magic milk in the kitchen. I mostly use that over my oatmeal. I have found that drinking Kombucha alongside the porridge leads to superior results. However, I have to iniculate myself against the sugars/inflamation, by consuming garlic, turmeric, and baking soda. (Don't try this on your own). The magic milk also helps bring up the gas afrter that - otherwise I end up in dire straits.

  • Need to brew tea before fermenting the Kombucha. Must make more coffee. (I do it in bulk, like everything).

  • I am thawing lots of chicken to boil up for dog tomorrow.

  • My hair is well past my shoulders. I got tired of tying it in a ponytail, so I just twist it up under my hat. I need to find something to contain it as I sleep.

  • Bought a quality backpack on Friday, but will be returning it because it's stupid design has it cutting into my neck. China.

  • Cockroaches are visitting again this September so I must start cleaning or else plan an extra large Thanksgiving dinner.

  • 5 mice and counting.

Body of post:

Recall that recent post on the Aussie Embassy in the USA. One of my LJ friends, floatingwalrus, moved from Australia to work there, in 2006, in Cultural Affairs. Never heard from him again. But he did start up a new blog which lasted for about a year. Then, he got on a plane to Canada, and stopped blogging completely. I checked past airplane accidents(!), and none were noted on the date of his flight. Wonder what ever happened to old Ian. Maybe he actually did become a floating walrus.

You never know. I had a good LJ friend who had Lupus, whom I worried may have died forever. I posted yearly enquiries in her journal, and in her community, beauty101, with no response. A few years later, she makes a small comment in her journal. Bitch was over at Facebook.
Tags: air travel, countries - australia, my lj friends

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