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Me love-um some TS.

Swift’s blunt testimony during her 2017 sexual-assault case against a radio DJ—months before the #MeToo reckoning blew open—felt deeply political to me and, I imagine, many other women. Swift accused the DJ, David Mueller, of groping her under her skirt at a photo session in 2013. Her camp reported the incident to his employer, who fired him. Mueller denied the allegation, sued Swift for $3 million, and his case was thrown out. Swift countersued for a symbolic $1 and won.

In a Colorado courtroom, Swift described the incident: “He stayed latched onto my bare ass cheek” as photos were being snapped. Asked why photos of the front of her skirt didn’t show this, she said, “Because my ass is located at the back of my body.” Asked if she felt bad about the DJ’s losing his job, she said, “I’m not going to let you or your client make me feel in any way that this is my fault. Here we are years later, and I’m being blamed for the unfortunate events of his life that are the product of his decisions—not mine.”

Taylor Swift on Sexism, Scrutiny, and Standing Up for Herself

It isn't because she is the only human I ever seen who actually looks like a computerised sex-doll. I've heard her music, but really not that much. I like Taylor Swift because she has an awesome personality and character - with genius and business capacities - she is demure and wild - she treats her fans like human beings - and she fights for LGBT. I think she is the female reincarnation of one of my most influential satirists, Jonathan Swift. She should run for president, some day. Or, better yet, she should read my journal. Surely, she would soon come to realise what an incredible dynamic duo we could be. If you know Taylor Swift, please tell her to get in touch with me ASAP please.

Lindsay Lohan can eat sand, ever since she made it with the King of Arabie. More from Saint Taylor of the Queer Ones:

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Taylor Swift - America's Finest News Source | The Onion
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