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TIME PASSAGES - Part 5 ???

Looking through powerful telescopes, we see events that happened billions of years in the past. In this moment, here and now, we see those moments of the past. What is the past? Everything you look out upon, the moon, the trees, the computer screen, your arms, even the nerves in your body - are all things that happened in the past, whereas something deep within your pineal gland is some kind of present, the spearhead to the future. But, everything beyond, it is over, done, dead, essentially. The past is some kind of trick that space plays upon us. Everything is competing to win over our mind, we are driven to hierarchicalise it all, break it all down, and so this all unfolds as some kind of, "past."

Those events we see from billions of years ago, are also competing with closer sights and sounds, mixing and blurring and conflicting, all merging together into one point, your own personal version of the universal eye. How do we manage all this? Do we map it out as a computer would do? Hardly, because there are quantum indeterminates, uncertainties, bleed-overs, entanglements, mistakes, permutations, colourations, and so on. To take it in, we must take a static picture. And then another. And another. Like a movie. In this way, we shear away all the blur between 'each continuous moment'.

Look at some static object in your room. If you are outside, maybe like a rock. Australian Aborigines would see that rock as something alive. In a cosmic way, it really is, as it contains subatomic particles, radiation, and even physical memory, which flow through time like water through the earth. So, as you stare at that stationary rock, you may choose to see a finite quantity, and possibly a limitted use, and a dead weight unmoving - or: You could see it as an Aborigine would. As a vibrant, magical conduit of energy through time. I am being conservative, just to get the point to you simply. But now, since you got my point, let me be more liberal. That apparently stationary rock is a portal of various consciousness, through what we mistakenly think of as time. All objects can be imbued with this magic. Including yourself.

When we see things in this way - through a willful exercise of mind, or a mindful exercise of will - then the movie-like, fractive interpretation of "past" diminishes, and therein we see some future. It is the same thing in psychology: moving from existential depersonalisation disorder or depression, where all the world is flat and dead, into a world where the past can be exploited as an avenue of hope and sensible progress, by the good graces of GABA, serotonin and dopamine.

We see the past as the dead world. We look at that stone in frame-to-frame measurementalism. We go-a fracking through the granite. Because we constantly chop up all connections, and see only a rock devoid of infinite and eternal relationships, we literally remove the spirit of that rock, just as photographers were thought to steal the spirits of the Aborigines with their picture-taking.

As I said, we are able to look at the past differently. Not entirely, because, as organic beings, we must have our camerae going at all times. But, we can take finer shots, at greater speads, and better resolution. And THIS is the enterprise of future-making.

So, what is the future? It is reading between the lines. Connecting the dots. Seeing the bigger picture. Seeing that, if anything is possible, then maybe that rock might have a soul - and if so, might I make of it something more than gravel? Maybe soil, perhaps? With all its biota? After all, from dust we came - or was it from a word? In human future-making, you sometimes have to build the word before you can see what's in front of your face. But, nevertheless, there is a finer sense which does precede this, and which forever bumps and prods in the darkness, until one night, it all comes forth in dreams.

Higher future-making involves breathing spirit back into the past we have destroyed. And, to be reminded of this, all one has to do is take a little DMT, and watch the angels of dead nature spring alive and loving, in harmony and flux with your own consciousness, like some glorious god from your magical camera machine.
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