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I am the person who will destroy China.

Maniacle Drug

You recall that i was tragically ill over the winter (and spring). Actually, it began in early November. A number of things contributed to the downfall, including being attacked by various people. Snow-shovelling seriously hurt me, and my CFS. And so on.

But the best of all contributor was: running out of my meds. I lost my propranalol, which had helped regulate or dampen my migraines and related. I had lost my Synthroid and liothyronin, which helped a little with thyroid issues like hair loss, heart palps, etc. (But hypothyroid fatigue, etc., is like a pebble compared to the fatigue, etc., being caused by my CFS).

I also lost my finasteride (Propecia), which had helped against hair loss and potential prostate issues. I convinced my doc to do the 5mg dose, so we could get it paid for by medicaid/care. The biggest reason for finasteride? I personally wanted it to push back real CFS stress caused by DHT and testosterone.

Coming off of finasteride caused something called post-finasteride syndrome, or something. So, over the winter, I had extra CFS, added to this new syndrome. I incurred increased dementia, sexual dysfunction, insomnia, heart problems, hair loss (of course), STRESS + CFS relapses, a permanent visual problem, etc., all known results of finasteride withdrawal - for which I could join a class-action and win money. I may discuss this later. But I might rather go back on the finasteride, dope that I am.

There have been long-term consequences of taking finasteride, which is a general androgen-blocker. (I had assumed it only blocked DHT). These all fall into the category of feminisation. I have lost muscle mass. My hips are slightly wider. My shirts have gotten too big for my shoulders. My whole frame is just more slight and female looking.

So, this is another reason why jerks around here have thought to take to harassing me - calling me, "little boy," etc. I just don't seem like a threat to them, so they swoop in for the attack. The world is run on idiocy. It doesn't help that I have a pony tail. But this is one way of saying, "Fuck you," right back to them all.

I will mention to you that Trump takes finasteride, and may be prone to something called, "finasteride dementia," which should help explain a thing or two for you. You can search all this online. I have links for ya on these intriguing bizarities - but I can't really do that on my computer at the moment, even if I wanted to. I want to go to sleep now.

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