where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

All humans are dumpsters... or what was that?....

This is a foreshadowing of a greater post.

Went shopping. Issues of black and white surfaced after Dem debates.

Watched two very good movies, reviews later! I actually have positive things to say!

That mouse died. I was hoping I could do something about that but it died. It bothers me. A trap doesn't bother me so much as a mouse swimming itself into exhaustion and then drowning.

Comment below: Did you experience any weird aftermath from the Dem debates, direct or creepy in real life?

There is nothing better than wine and walnuts unless it is bad wine.

Again, I apologise to my maker for all the millions of walnut trees I have eaten but seriously.

I am too indisposed. That is a word, spell-check??! And so I am going to wander off and glare at superstars, namely, Elle Fanning and Ben Foster. Can you guess? Then watch it!

Am I hearing a son of a Cheap Trick star whining about life? Blethering. OK - it is only a local show. Reakferd, Illinois... The land that mind forgot...
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