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I am the person who will destroy China.

Two movies and a whine.

Pushed myself to la library, bought wine, and went to a 4:pm movie. "Yesterday." Fantastical premise, as you know, where virtually everyone forgot about the Beatles, save one Indian chap. Somehow, bands who were influenced by the Beatles still existed, though. Besides being grossly implausible, it often felt like indulgence into a narcissistic daydream rather than an enterprise to bring Beatles back to the world. One third was good, one third was bad, and one third was blah. A consummate knock-off, by Danny Boyle, where an mix of Russel Brand and Mark Ruffalo, (another Patel), has a forced relationship with a combination of Keira Knightly and Shailene Woodley, and who's manager is a combo of Amy Adams + Elizabeth Banks trying to be Jane Lynch. Imitating the Beatles even though he really cannot sing that well. It's annoying, but tempts tears to well up once or twice. Slightly. Not worth the price. Not really that original. Bohemian Rhapsody was better. Even Mama Mia 2. Boyle's main message was fine, though" Money doesn't matter, (same as in Slumdog Millionaire). And. it's fine if a lot of people need to be (re)introduced to the Beatles. This just didn't play well with me, an aficionado.

Yesterday - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yesterday_(2019_film)

Went home and watched, "Columbus." Seemed like a good movie, but it wasn't. Once again, Haley Lu Richardson, who is a fine actress, doesn't get a movie that does her justice, star-wise. A dithering waste of time. Which explains why it only received nominations and no awards. Glowing reviews, so what do I know?

Columbus - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Columbus_(2017_film)

My computer-net still is broken and so I am not going to be bothering you as much.

I'm actually glad I missed the Dem debate #1. Does anybody realise that these are a year and a half before the election?! Who needs this? It's strange.
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