I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

part II

I didn't add a few things in the last, "STEREOTYPES," post.  or one thing, look at it this way: When you have a task force, even in high school, you delegate responsibilities to different people, to get the agreed goal accomplished.  Well we tend to forget that we all descended from just a handful of people, just  a few ten thousands of years ago, due to that damned volcano at Tuva(sp?).  So, look at it this way: We sent out various clans to take care of this or that business.  As you would have it, natural selection, in a civilising world, made these delegates better and better at their chosen obligations.  Basket-weavers got better at that.  Millers got better at that.  Money-changers got better at that.  And, really, seriously, on on down to infinity, because, there was scarce a human live which was not professional in esteem.

So, what I want to say here is that, yes, stereotypical characteristics did emerge in civilisations, and versus civilisations.  So - what I mean to say here is that, of course, variant groups splintered off into their own expertise.  That means that Jews carried on certain traits, later made into stereotypes.  And so on.  OK - here is an area for you to research on your own.  The main message is this: The whole human race required an emerging variety of specialists to survive.  Most of those specialists had to do with urban existence; and most of them had to do with splintering ethnic groups.  Therefore, groups or racists today may carry over some of those qualities which helped their ancestors to survive.  Now.  What do we do with this in the modern world?

Point: We are all genetically and culturally different.

How do we want to manage that, in a world which is bursting at its seams with global warming and rising populations?

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