I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Called in the Kombucha today.

So, I had two jugs going.  One jug was already sweet Kombucha tea.  Since it had too much sugar, I added a little active apple cider vinegar, to eat away the sugar.  A few days later, it actually worked, and tastes great sour, mmmm, but still with a tiny bit of sugar.

The second jug has been cranberry juice fermenting with Kombucha starter.  I tasted this today and it is super sour - no sugar at all!  Too vinegary to drink on its own.  But, combining the two jugs: I now have a really awesome Kombucha drink for health and happiness.

It's a relief to finally keep these (together) in the fridge, as I was fearing mould or something.  Having drank some, I know it is safe.  Sometimes, Kombucha fermentation can go wrong and get5 toxic.  usually that is because things weren't sterilised and some toxic bacteria got in the mix.

I am now a proud owner of a legendary Kombucha "mushroom", used for making more batches.  In fact, I could ship you a piece, if you want.  This mushroom is pink cuz of the cranberry.  It contains none of the ACV starter.  Pure Kombucha.  Which is sa8id to cure asthma, arthritis, cataracts, etc.  I follow my tart dram with a little of my magic milk, which contains yogurt cultures, and also balances out the acidity.

There was a BBC radio spot a few weeks ago, about WHY DO ANIMALS EAT DIRT?  It isn't for the roughage.  It isn't for the minerals.  They said it was just because animals will try anything new, when they have a problem.  Well, they never even considered what I believe to be a major reason why animals eat dirt: It is for the bacteria and fungi.  Because: You won't believe this, but the good biota found in yogurt and mothers milk, is also profuse in most soils.  Moist soils.  We suckle from the soil.  And our souls go,

From dust, to dust.
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