I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Don't fall on me.

I had about an hour of sleep, and so I guess I am up, and will be taking dog out soon.

I had a wee dram of my Kombucha, which I haven't been touching cuz of too much sugar. Sure enough, the sugar got to me, and did me in for the evening. I have been fermenting cranberry juice w/ kombucha starter, and it is working. I will be adding that into my present kombucha tea, but I will also be adding some apple cider vinegar to let it ferment most of the sugar away. It is interesting that kombucha retains so much sugar. It is supposedly a health tonic, but not with all that sugar, methinks.

I forever run into the problem of being cut-short, stopped-short, done-in, here in America. These days, that is the whole game, because competition has devolved away from being a useful force in economics, and into being a social, or antisocial, end-in-itself. As if to have the last word meant that something productive would follow, other than gloating, and extended ignorance, and want. The goals and ideals that once built expansive progress have fallen into a divide-and-conquer game of tit-for-tat, with the mass of society made mean and stupid, and the aspiring elites only richer, vainer and more controlling of our fate. Stopping the competition is now stopping all civility, honesty, empathy and sharing.

The only way out of this squalid sinkhole is through the grabbing and manipulation of money, in petty pursuits of privilege and dominance - better hair, bigger car, more territory, blah blah blah - like tokens on a Monopoly board, not moved by their own will, but by the whimsy of towering corporate gods, so remote as to seem unseen.

But - to walk through this pathetic game, volunteering that we could get along with better things than money, is to make oneself opposite to everything that the mass means, imagines, and demands. So, with every step, one is attacked for some vague offense - appearing too gay, too independent, too happy, too concerned, too arrogantly free, too wise in any answer, for what reality one has lived - every offense amounting to one single charge: "You are threatening all that we hold MORAL!"

So, every time I open my mouth, another fucking little terrorist flies in.

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