I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Penguin's Progress

I am saving money and getting fat. Eating massive amounts of oatmeal porridge, imbued with salt and my secret magic milk. It happened because I ran out of my perennial staple: sunflower seeds. And I am trying to push back all the relapse, alternating between eggs and porridge, eggs and porridge. Eggs for the brain, porridge for the heart. But all those carbs in oatmeal just feed my CFS. And all the salt I use is making me jumpy for the grave.

I am planning to do the shopping rounds tomorrow, IF the pot of oatmeal I just now ate has not rendered me some kind of Pompei mummy by then. Which is very possible. However, even though I have managed to get my computer back online, I have not written letters to mail, or anything else like that there. I am putting off relevant housing issues for another week.

But, at least I continue to scrape some modicum of tidiness out of this unkempt apartment of despond. Just the slightest pathetic inklings of some distant dreaded MOVE.

I am so tired now. Must take dog out and then wrongly go back to sleep.


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