I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

A meditation on future pizza.

I was put into a week of very bad CFS, with dementia. Put off all business, being unable to analyze, appreciate or plan, for proverbial shit. Because it became too warm and humid to sleep, for one already insomnia-inclined, my circadian riddem changed, which is tragic enough for CFS, but so too did my eating schedule. The non-GF Guinness didn't help. But, this evening and tonight, I have been eating erratically and callously, and throwing sleep to the wind. Only because the illness is waning. But forcing things, at this stage, also can help. I have not yet had a mind to post terrifically, but I have been able to think over my ever-impending circumstances, and came to some better assessment.

I also know that things like electricity, magnetism, gravity, and all these forces, when in strong fluxuation, do indeed influence my illness, and the affairs of everyone. Solar CME's and flares influence my being even before they reach the Earth. Thunderstorms approaching. The full moon. Solar eclipses. Earthquakes... All of these movements influence everyone, as I have observed in myself, and in others, including in my dogs. And, did I mention the news? There was a time when we believed in one true superstition, insisting disbelievers were conspiracy theorists, until we then followed along into what we had been sure was superstition, but now proved to be the truth. Heliocentrism. Germ theory. Natural selection. Relativity. The Uncertainty Principle... These new paradigms would have once got you drawn and quartered, for simply asking, doubting, imagining, begging to differ... blogging. Because, but for this little board of real certainty we have so-far built, by which we can only surf, everything ahead, the entire future, is unintroduced and unreal - the ether of our superstition - like the sky we never see until we call it blue.

Only sleep will save us.

At least it is

The best revenge

To circle the drains

Of timelessness.
Tags: everything is connected, psychology - superstition, science and superstition, superstition/s

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