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Meeting Satan Half-Way

The best sunflower seeds come from Minnesota. My favourite company is Good Sense, which doesn't use a lot of oil. (I am going to write to them some day with new ideas on how to roast sunflower seeds, etc). An interesting product they make is a mix of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, which sells at the same price as a bag of sunflower seeds alone, even though pumpkin seeds (pepitas? or something) are usually pretty expensive on their own. This is a great thign, as both seeds are good for health.

But I ate a fair amount of these late last night, which caused me to have some serious brain and dementia trouble today. Difficult getting going. Was not able to scoop the poop outside, as I was not only sweltering, but I was ready to drop. Must get this done by tomorrow, noon.

Out with dog at around 4:am this morning, we approached a snake rolling along in the middle of the sidewalk. Garter, or gardener, snake, only ~15" long. Many of them live under my big steps, (as I was told by the workers as they repaired them). My dog is interested in snakes, but was confused by this one's herky-jerky side-winding. Even 5 feet away, my dog recoiled a few times, as if in fear of a strike. Absolutely zero chance this snake could have shot at him, but my dog still carries the natural fear, carried from the days his ancestors encountered rattle snakes, etc. It is fun recognizing my dog's various ancient instincts when they come to the fore. It is a reminder that we are all part machine, biologically, even when involving our will.

The snake rushed into the grass, but I grabbed it by the tail, pulled it a little over the concrete, and set it back down int he middle of the concrete, hoping he would realise that I have, so-far, chosen not to kill him. I managed it so that my dog was up next to it, sniffing, while the snake ceased running, but just looked about. This was another teaching moment. My dog and I calmly walked away and I am sure the snake has recognised this as some kind of miracle, in an otherwise mean, oppressive neighbourhood.

This is another example of my continuing effort to turn things around, for the better, for snakes as much as for people. Sometimes, the confusion or surprise of conflict is needed, like pepper. Most of the time, it is these silent and almost invisible occasions that give the edge to peace, in the wild, in the hood, and in the universe. It is from examples that religions eventually evolve, because the only way to save ourselves, to pull out of the machinery of instinct and violence, is do push forwards with the uneventful impossible.

And this is how I must deal with this illness. And others must push on with life until the end. It is all a great defiance.
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