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My browser came to a full stop. It is completely unresponsive to anything. I opened another window, which is what I am using now. It is extreeeemley slow. I am going to wait overnight to see if the other window wakes up again. Otherwise, I will be losing a LOT of information i was working on.

Each day that goes by, I am slightly more out of my dreadful relapse. Sleep, garlic+turmeric, and fasting has been helping, although I ate normally today. Going to do even more garlic/turmeric. Still wake up in deep fatigue; have big headache, etc.

Tomorrow, I must begin a campaign against A-hole Guy, in various ways. The fact that I cannot seem to access my email won't help. As most of you know, this guy who has accosted me in the past, has lately been harassing me further, like basically assaulting because my dog was pissing on a tree he thinks he owns - which is on public property; and mowing our private lawn two weeks ago, and again this last Friday, because he want to impress that he is king of the neighbourhood. He has also been talking me down to the new renters around here, whom he also believes he owns.

As I was out with my dog this evening, one of those neighbours flagged me down. I tied my dog down but it broke, so I had to go over there with my dog. The guy, Mr. White Tattoo Guy, starts complaining about hearing music in the morning - gospel and bagpipes and opera! (I don't listen to opera). I explain that the crazy guy downstairs bangs on the walls, etc,. so that's why the music is up. I told him he should have been around when I first moved in, when the other neighbours downstairs played music that SHOOK THE ENTIRE HOUSE - nothing compared to my radio. (Since I have moved here, the crime rate has gone down - less shootings, less yelling, less cherry bomms, etc.) But, since this guy is on a mission from A-hole Guy, he doesn't want to hear any of this. In fact, even when I say I will turn it down, he doesn't want to hear it. As soon as I said that, he started bitching again, trying to move in on me as if to dominate, right? It's not like I'm stupid. So, I switch my tone, and say, "Well, music is a good thing..."

"Yeah, but not at six o:clock in the morning, when your..."

And I just shot this right at him, "Well, I seem to be getting along alright."


"I seem to be getting along alright."

I stare him down and he turns and leaves, yo.

How poignant was my jab, eh? Like, it has about three different meanings, all appropriate.

I get a little tired of spending my entire life just fighting this illness, having to keep my music up because of the asshole downstairs, who probably bought his assholery from the LL and/or from Ahole-Guy, in the first place. How this place loves gossip.

I get a little tired when the husband of the lady who sat on her porch smiling at her little daughter kicking up the mulch around that tree, is reprimanding me, by orders of gossip and A-hole Guy, when my dog and I are blamed and accosted for what that little girl did. When A-hole Guy was yelling at me about my dog and the tree, I never even mentioned what that little girl did.

And yet this guy won't even come clean that it was his wife and his daughter that started all the trouble - for me - and so for everyone. It is honestly that some people cannot LIVE without trouble or bullshit in their lives. I've got to get away from this. It never ends. I, the independent change-agent, become the target for blame. My music has been 3-4x louder than it is now, for years, and no one ever complained in the past. Seriously. And, yes, these are the giant white people who thought nothing of walking through my yard - as coaxed by A-hole Guy - who now thinks nothing of MOWING through my yard.

Look back at me entries re: CGGOTC - the Crazy Gay Guy On The Corner, also known as the village idiot or something. It is entirely the same mentality. Napoleonic bully thinks he is cool by being an asshole, tries to dominate the neighbourhood by mowing lawns and spreading gossip, tries to focus blame on the one person he cannot control.

It's backwards and un-American.
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