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I am the person who will destroy China.

We Are Young And Brown - Swedes...

Ace of Base is weirdly comforting.  I was working on some George Harrison music files and I went in and listened to some Ace of Base albums I had downloaded from the library a while back - never listened to them until now.  "The Sign" and "The Bridge".

I only listened quickly, like speed-reading, but it all came back to me, as if it had never left.  The same drab thumping pop like poking through wet toilet paper.  Most of their songs are like crappy songs other bands use to fill out one-hit albums.  But they were pop geniuses, like boiled down ABBA - and who can fail with a techno reggae dance beat?

Those were the days.  If ever I feel absent of my life these days, well, surely, so I must also have been back then, listening to that wonderful twinkie music. (I think I listened to them a few years after they were popular - maybe like 1999).

Ace of Base succeeded as a fluke, you know.  They offered a cassette demo to a music exec.  He popped it in and hated it.  But it got stuck in his machine, and so he was forced to listened to it over and over again, while driving in his car.  Pretty soon, he had become a fanatical Ace of Base zombie.  the rest is history.

I guess I must have those old CDs packed away with others, back in my storage space in Ye Olde City.

Even if I manage to get out according to plan tomorrow, and eevn if I buy wine, there is no way I am ready to drink it.  Probably not until Friday.  This is a long-term relapse, requiring special love and attention.  I shall also buy it flowers.
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