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Click your big heals together and believe

Languishing evidence of Bigfoot turns out to be that of a deer.

“I went into this expecting everyone to be crazy and a little like the tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory types,” Krantz said in an interview. “I ended up being quite a bit more sympathetic than I imagined.”

Most of the people she ran into had a conservation ethic, and they came by their Bigfoot fixation honestly, by having an encounter with nature they just couldn’t explain.

“They’re asking a question they’re curious about,” she said. “They had some sort of experience and they were trying to use science and logic to figure out what this thing was and, to me, that’s just being human.”

So it’s not that surprising that the FBI didn’t sneer at Byrne’s request and toss his letter into the trash, Krantz said.

“There very well may have been curiosity within the FBI,” she said. “There does not seem to be many people immune to the idea of Bigfoot.”

mm101 NOTE: There is no such thing as, "the tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory types," except in the heads of close-minded, blame-placing people, (usually Democrats or academic posers).  Therefore, when eyes are opened to who these searchers really are, it seems some kind of divine revelation.  Science begins with curiosity, doubt, and even rebellion, so.  The term, "conspiracy theorists," was concocted after JFK's assassination, as a way of dismissing or smearing those who rightly questioned the official story.  Remember that information was kept secret because, to release it, "would pose a threat to our democracy."  Thank you very much.  This move, with others, has, in fact, fanned the flames of suspicion amongst the public.  And, so, radicals and attention-deficient fanatics are bound to be attracted to these dark shadows.

From a look at evidence of primates and hominids, etc., of the past, it is possible that a secretive creature still lurks in the shadows of our not-omniscient civilisation. I know I do!

Also note that I surf in private mode.  The supposedly liberal Washington Post will not allow people to read via private mode, unless they subscribe.  However, all I have to do is stop the page download before the Post's block kicks in.  Just saying this so any of you using private mode can read the article.
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