I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

The way it used to be.

Did what one would have though impossible, today.  (One, meaning me).  Yesterday, I pushed myself to be ready for a breakfast w/ friends.  But they cancelled on me, which has many psychological dimensions, to be discussed later.  So, this helped increase my illness, and my tooth inflammed further, which meant more brain inflammation, so.  Was in seriously bad shape - impossible for anything, today.   Even so, I managed to pull myself out of it, with lots of garlic, turmeric, etc., etc., enough to be able to live up to my plans for today.  I did have to ask the first bus to be 15 minutes later - which would cut into my time before pickup home.

Started from library.  Went to veterinarian, and there was the cutest girl.  We had to do sexy double-takes.  It was terrible, cuz she was too young.  I hate that.  Walked.  Went into Shopko, still doing clearance.  So, I was trapped in there, shopping, too long.  Bought a decent cutting board at a cheap price, and various other things.  At CVS, bought Aleve and aspirin - and wine - the later just so I could skip Aldi's.  Was in a big hurry.  Had to rush through lots of tall grass and such, as a short-cut, because it was raining.  Wasn't in the forecast!

Bypassed Aldi's to supermarket.   Fairly rushed.  Lost my shopping list, and the flyer.   So - I never got my necessary coconut oil, and who knows what else?  Nice cashier chatted with me, and it was good.  College girl.  I saw her name tag and called her by an presumed nickname.  Maybe that was a mistake.   She was intelligent.   Bused back home.   Front steps are being painted.   Awesome.   Overgrown school boys walked by across the street.   Eventually I figured that they were mocking me, as is the custom.   One of the boys was probably the boy who accosted me once near a school.

Also - I went out and talked to the official mowers of our lawn this morning, about A-hole Guy, who had illegitimately mowed the lawn, in his attempt to dominate the world.  It was a great convo, and they were totally with me.  Heard  giant white neighbours arguing about it next door, with little kid asking, "Why did he do that?"  (Probably, why did A-hole Guy mow Madman's lawn?)  So, now everyone around here knows what happened, including his friends, and my LL.  And suddenly my steps get repaired and painted.  So, at the moment, I come out smelling like a rose.  One can only guess at what furry is going on his Napoleonic brain.

Settling back to see, "Glass Castle," (again).  One more outing w/ dog, first.

Please, god, keep Donald Trump safe from the boiling planet.

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