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I am the person who will destroy China.

We are puppets in a cage

How to rename a user name is so hidden away into obscurity. I've found the way to do it before, but getting back there is always so frustrating. I don't see any lead anywhere. And in the FAQ page, "How to change a user name," it doesn't even SAY how to change a user name!

This is strange because... You'd think LJ would have sense enough to tidy up what it already has, because it can apparently make $10 every time someone changes a user name - or community name. Instead, they reduce services like phone posts, free community stats etc., paid jnl promo, community_promo, etc., and charge more for other things which nobody really wants.

I am not going to change my user name. I looked this up because I want to merge a few of my communities - and that, too, is hidden in obscurity. I figured I might find a lead if I looked into name change. Ugh!

And, over at LJ Console References, I found something called a, "Shared Journal," where more than one person can use a single personal journal, I guess. That's an idea I had long ago. But where is the lead for that? Is that just another of the many services that LJ has dropped? Nutso. Anybody have any input here?
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