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That neighbourhood tough guy, who accosted me last Monday, quite clearly mowed this property's lawn yesterday, in his jealous campaign to own the neighbourhood.  There is already a local company which is paid to mow the lawn weekly, and they do a very good job.  They don't cut the lawn close, like the a-hole guy, which damages the lawn ecology.  Yesterday, I walked out and found the whole lawn yellow, cut too short, with gashes, and clumps of dead grass all over the place.  This mowing occurred right after he had been mowing the nearby properties.  So, it is clearly him - but I am waiting to confirm, before I proceed.  The fact that this was an entirely unnecessary trespass, it pretty much confirms that he is not about caring about things - rather, it is a personal little war against me.

How do you negotiate with a screwed up mind?

Remember that 'crazy gay guy on the corner', in Yee Olde Town.  Exact same mentality.  Passionately driven by jealousy to take over and command the neighbourhood through ostensibly do-good interference with other people's properties and so lives.

Well, I shot off a big old e-mail to my LL.  She gave an immediate response.  Next thing I know, I am taking my dog out this morning, and her workers are completely replacing the front steps.  The area was strewn with equipment and a truck.  I told them I had to take my dog out now, and they started into this boring local-yocal blame-game.  I cut it quick with my amazing powers of cognitive parsimony and energy-conservation, and they they hopped right to placing boards over the dismantled steps, so my dog could be the dog he was born to be.  These big guys have been a tad jerky in the past, but they were ever so nice after I was direct with them.  Yeah?

Stick to reality, share it.  Don't blame me, I'm not blaming you.  Then express gratitude.  And you shall transform into a Bodhi Tree.

Hi there.

I have been meaning to write you about the front steps, [ADDRESS], which need to be painted and/or repaired. I understand that the weather has not been conducive to painting, and so I reckon you might want to get it done this fall. Get it? Fall?

In fact, I did fall off the steps during the winter ice. As my dog pulled me downwards, and I grabbed for the railing, I was pirouetted off the top step, feet first towards the yard, with my head coming down and hitting the step - BANG. I also received a mild concussion a month or two ago, trying to exit the 'Alice In Wonderland' door too fast. It was pretty bad, and I didn't need any of these. I think it would be possible to expand that doorway a bit, (after I have gone from this earthly abode).

Not because of these, I was severely ill over the winter. After a nice rebound, I was hit, again with another severe bout, out of which which I am slowly climbing. It doesn't help when I run into confrontations with neighbours, especially one in particular, whom I have mentioned before, and who assumes he owns the neighbourhood. Also, there is an 'blatantly unwritten' code around here that the blacks get to push the whites around. I am astonished and disgusted at how this is allowed to continue.

This neighbour has harassed me several times in the past, mostly involving his assumption of ownership of private and public property. Along with this, there has been continuous passive aggression outside, by someone/s, mainly in the leaving of food for my dog. This is just a continuation of the same-old nonsense that began when I moved here, attributed to THE NETHERS, from below, who were also supported by folks next door, who are associated with the present guy in question. As far as blatant attacks or trespassing, these are illegalities which deserve solid attention.

Today, someone mowed the lawn, here at [ADDRESS], and all signs indicate that it was this guy, as part of his game of owning the neighbourhood, etc. I can give you more information later, but I would appreciate if you would find out, for me, if it was not your gang who mowed the lawn, here, today. It was already mowed, as usual, this Monday. Now, mowed again, the grass is too short, and clumps of shorn grass lie about.

So please let me know soon, if possible, and we can take it from there.


PS - Regarding the guy downstairs, you might be interested to know that he has banged on the walls again lately, and also a few weeks ago. In both cases:

1 - He did it when he thought I was sleeping or ill, (as usual).

2 - He did it right before intense rains, (as usual).

3 - He did it apparently after smoking pot. That's right. Reefer paranoia. Having given him the benefit of the doubt all this time, some months ago I detected the unmistakable smell of pot. Not that I care, but THE NETHERS also waged their passive-aggressive attacks after smoking pot. They also had most of the above in common, in addition to both being from the Chicago area.

I am not interested in following up this latest closet-tantrum. But if it continues, I will let you know. I do have concern for my poor dog, though, when people around here mess with us, as it is just not fair to him - and, by making him nervous, it only makes problems worse. Seriously, I have never seen so many insane people all in one area in my entire life. But. Good writing material.

Take care.


pps - I'm the one who needs pot, yo. I requested medical marijuana from my CFS doc, [NAME], but he said the hospital chooses not to.

ppps - Whenever a go-ahead on step-painting occurs, please note that I need them half-painted up to my door, so I can take dog out 3x day, and later the other half painted. That's the way they did it the last time. ta


Wow! A short book from one of my favorite residents!

A lot to digest, as I am heading out of Dodge Fri through Mon. Didn't want you to think I was ignoring you, so wanted to quickly respond.

We can schedule stair maintenance SOON. Will let you know and do 1/2 and 1/2 (will it ever stop raining?)

I know moving is a nightmare and that place suits you well (except for neighbors) but we do currently have a 1 bedroom HOUSE 2+ blocks away, you might want to look at. [ADDRESS] - ONLY residence on that block! Across the street is a church. We do have a lock box on the door if you want to stroll over and take a look.

The lock box has 4 cylinders and you want to line up this combination of numbers going across the front: [SECRET CODE]. When you do that, there is a little door on the right side of the lock box that you will be able to slide open with your thumb and shake out the key.

All we ask is if you have wet or muddy feet, take your shoes off at the door, anything you turn on - turn off and anything you unlock - lock back up. When done looking, you will need to put the key back into the slot, slide the little door shut, and give all the numbers a spin to lock it back up.

Let us know if you have any interest. Of course, there, you would not get residual heat from the lower apt and would need the gas on in the heating season.

Give me time Tues/Wed to catch up w/ life and respond to everything else that needs responding to. Thanks!

How did I get such instant business? First of all, it's like Hunger Games: You've got to get the sponsors to like you. (And, also, to quote the jealous a-hole neighbour: "Everyone in the neighbourhood likes you." - Which is something I can use to my advantage, right?) She likes me.

Next, I showed myself to be so nice, in that I am not even THINKING of suing her company for my little concussions. But, oooh, the spectre...

Slight intimation that I might want to move made me a squeaky wheel.

Finally, I gave her a bunch of things she doesn't really want to get involved in, and one solid thing she can easily sink her teeth into: Fixing the porch steps! Instant Karma!

Note that her comment about my email being a small book was not a subtle insult. She is a voracious reader and loves my giganticus emails. I haven't been in touch w/ her in a while, and so she was happy to hear from me. (Because she thought I was a bit angry at her, over the guy downstairs. Apparently, it was her gossip to him which prompted him to take up where the Nethers left off, i.e., banging on the walls at night, and all that).

Also, her statement that the suggested new house offers no residual heat from below was actually a sign of her caring about the fact that I really didn't use my own heat in the winter, (other than a one-room electric heater). I had a good reason to come to this conclusion last night, but I forgot what it was. (Also, I do use gas heat now. This might be why cozy bed bugs appeared).

I was up until 5:am last night, (watched, "Raising Arizona," again). This was less to do w/ stress or excitement, and more to do with the fact that this is what happened when I start to recover from a relapse. There were two phones calls this morning, lasting only 3, and then 1, rings. I didn't trace them, because I get charged $3 every time. But, I re-listed my phone # recently, and I was thinking these rings might have been from someone from the hood, and so that did cause a slight amount of CFS stress. But, it was actually my LL calling, w/o leaving a message, which idk why. Anyway, I must go to sleep for a while now. Can't operate w/o dreams.
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