I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Head. Cheese. I can't take it any-more!

Well, OK. I am still in bad shape. I mean really bad. I can't take the dog out w/o almost falling over. Etc. However, I might be well enough to start doing posts. If I am lucky, I will be making lots of posts soon, so don't freak out. I need to do this so I can drop tabs, etc., before I once again reboot my computer, reinstall my browser, etc.

(I will be able to do fancy posts because, even though I can no longer directly do fancy posts, because my LJ is not working, I have a few open tabs from the past, with the proper LJ post-maker. I can work on posts there, and then transfer the code data into my present crappy LJ post-maker page/s. TMI).

What is wrong with internet/LJ? My browser slows down when its been used too long, and so it misses incoming info. But I also think that it gets infected in some way. I am seriously plagued by constant attacks from IPs in this range: 23.73.181.* - and also from 72.21.something, 185.something, Yandex 5.something, and lots of China. even though all of these are blocked, they interfere with other signals, and they indicate concerted attacks.

It is possible that LJ is trying to use new content IPs. But it is also possible that these IPs are used by the Russian gov't, or LJ and the Russian gov't. There was a bill working its way through the Russian legislature, allowing the Russian gov't to have full control over its entire internet. So: That includes LJ. It is also possible that some of these IPs are spies from the USA and/or China. It sometimes takes me hours just to get through, so I am really tired of it. Add this to poor health, neighbourhood, bad radio reception, bed bugs, and a growing vision problem in my right eye, and you could say I am not the world's happiest person.

(Note that the last time I let a russia.ru IP through, it turned off my Russian firewall).

I tried my Kombucha, and it is great, but I need to clear it of sugar. Otherwise, it would be very counter-productive to drink it.

So, trying for the next plan: Saturday morning: walk to farmers' market, then library, then do laundry, then home for wine, if I am ready for it. I am to start washing/drying things which might have anything to do with bed bugs. I might also have to bake my rooms 120 degrees for 1/2 hour each, but must look into the safety of this. And I will have to have a new fire extinguisher by then.

The cancelled plans for last Tuesday will be replicated for this next Tuesday, health permitting.

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