where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die


I really cannot post because LJ is not working for me these days. .All I can do is post text.

I have watched all three of the Ice Cream trilogy, which includes, "Shaun of the Dead." Glad I have been able to do this.

Also, watched,"Apollo 11." This is an absolutely amazing film, respecting real history. I hope everyone of you can see it. Unfortunately, history got to boring me, and I gave up on it, but I will get back to it later.

But this is an almost-documentary, which is the most true to history I have ever seen! "The Right Stuff," is just propaganda, compared to this.

I did accomplish most of what I set out to do today. No shoe-cobbler, though. Everything else. yes.

Note - I am so may problems w/LJ these days it is making me want to go elsewhere.

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